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The Anita Diaries - June 4th thru June 9th, 2018

Good evening, all! Your wild tigress here for her weekly check in.  A bit quiet this past week, enough for me to worry a bit about the business. I didn’t whine about it like I have done in the past on the blog because I think after a while, men go into “tune out” mode. It’s strange because now that Listcrawler 40 and up Chicago is back up and of course, the men are still finding EROS, Slixa and RS-AVS, it still is easy to find us.

All of you out there, the oldest profession isn’t going away and we need to keep it alive to stick it to those politicians that are way too involved in the bedrooms where this is all about two consenting adults. Trafficking is on the dark web. All of us on EROS, Slixa, RS-AVS, Listcrawler/Backpage, all of us on there now are all of age. Many of us are matures ages 40 and up. We are proving that sex gets better with age! Hot, horny, mature ladies and men that want so badly to have a physical intimate connection! Wild, hot, molten lava, pussies that are soaking from the licking and sucking of the clits by these lascivious gentlemen!

So this past week basically started on Tuesday as no clients on Monday, and I had a couple of regulars and a new “fence faller” client. The fence faller is someone that has sat on the fence for a while and took a chance on me due to my writings on this website and the reviews that they can read for themselves on this website. I realize it is a big chance to take but many have said that they wished they hadn’t waited so long after the first appointment was over. Anyway, the two regulars were of the long lost variety as I hadn’t seen them in a while but were glad to visit. My Schaumburg location is more central versus off to the West at my residence and much easier for gentlemen to get to.  The first senior regular was more for the old fashioned BBBJ and loves the rimming. The middle new client spent three hours with me. He loves everything passionate. Wow, deep French kissing, lots of sensual feeling, naked body to body and the overall just playing with each others parts. He’s not a fan of condoms but he still wanted to ride “Penelope the Pussy” and loved getting to know “Cleo the Clit” so he was all in for trying everything! Brought out the toys, he was working my clit while fingering me and moving his mouth over all the areas he could. Finished him off with a bbbj that blew into my mouth for a protein shake! The last client was another regular that hadn’t seen me for a while. He was also into the passionate fun, lots of body to body, deep French kissing, he gave Penelope a ride, many horizontal mambo positions, and finished in my mouth!

On Wednesday, the “Pussy Muncher” was back to enjoy licking and sucking Cleo and fingering Penelope. As usual, a lot of make-out sessions and yes, he brought me to orgasm well into the double digits. He is insistent, and just enjoys the intimacy. He also does a full body kissing and licking of me front and back. He relaxes me so much as he knows the stress is a bit much these days.  I also had an Italian regular of mine visit for some oral on him, lots of deep French kissing and he loves riding Penelope “mish”. He said it is best as he gets to deep French kiss me then. 

On Thursday, a gentlemen regular paid for my day and I stayed at his house, we had lots of passionate clinches, lots of naked body to body, and he loves to fuck Penelope. It happened on and off for most of the day, along with naps which are glorious as I rarely get those! We watched TV and movies in between and he cooked for me. I slept over and he brought me back early for my Friday schedule that started with an 8:30AM client.

Friday was a dead day after my 8:30am prostate massage client. No other clients  joined me after that. My 8:30am client is a favorite regular that has been visiting every week lately! Lots of deep French kissing and he loves to take a bath in my pussy juices! He swims in them. Then I suck his cock with full cock adoration and rim him and play with his ass a bit. I then worked his ass hole with lots of lube, fingers are always first, and inserted my thin vibe into him, work it in and out and just had it on various motor settings. As expected, the orgasm comes from his toes on up. He left with a smile on his face.

On Saturday I had a few new clients that had verified previously and just hadn’t been able to see me. All were of the GFE variety. The first senior client had a long drive (from another state) but he showed up and stayed 90 minutes. He truly is a “lover”, enjoys the deep French kissing, intimacy, naked body to body, lots of bathing in pussy juices, lots of 69 and loved my mouth all over his cock and shaft. We also did some horizontal mambo, he rode me mish a bit and then I was on top of him. He finished in my mouth and gave me the first protein shake of the day.  The second client was of the superbly conditioned sort that could stay hard the full 90 minutes of our visit. I had never seen him before but was glad he came to give me some exercise! Lots of deep French kissing, naked body to body, some of my cock sucking on him and then we just found a cover for him and he and I had the ride of our lives for the last 50 minutes of our appointment. Me riding him cowgirl, him fucking me doggie, him fucking me a couple of different ways of mish, along with a couple of other positions. He held back and triumphantly pulled off the condom to blow in my mouth.

The last new client, a senior gentlemen from far north suburbs (so nice he took the drive!) came to join me and he also loves the deep French kissing, a lot of naked body to body, likes to play with toys on me and he really enjoyed my mouth on his cock, his shaft and me rimming him. He wanted to ride Penelope mish so we could continue to kiss, and he pulled the condom off and I finished him oral. He left for his long drive with a smile!

So that finished the week off and I am hoping that even though there were bright spots of the week (so many great new faces and some long lost regulars) that my Monday, Wednesday and Friday are better for me this week! That is a hint! A reminder that on Friday, SexyAss Jackie and I are going to have a time for ourselves and with hopefully some of our regulars and some new faces, that is a hint also! Please check the prior blog that I wrote on the subject.

Thank you to those gentlemen that brought me wine, candy, coffee and those that gave me tips last week.  It is never expected but always appreciated!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,