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The Anita Diaries - June 25 through July 1, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! This wild tigress has had quite the week! Some days busier than others but overall a good week. I felt bad that I had to say no to quite a few for appointments based on the amount of pre-books I had plus the time I had to take off to help my close friend with getting to doctor and to testing. She is doing a little better, thank you so much to those that showed interest. Anyway, I did get my buttons pushed by many gentlemen (both new clients and regulars) that showed up to push them. I guess they liked the clitoris pics and breasts pics, he he! I did my best to show the gentlemen that they were really me!

One of my regulars comes to me once a week for a two hour session, well he got me off ten times! He was extremely clitoris driven I must say. I had a couple of new strapon clients that were extremely active sessions as they wanted both the GFE plus strapon finish. We did the full gamut of GFE, makeout session, 69 and me laying back and enjoying as the dining at the Y was going on.  I do better at cumming if I lay back and enjoy the dining versus me sucking at the same time. Then of course my extremely gifted tongue works at the sucking and rimming and just overall, fucking the guy's ass with my tongue. I can strapon on fuck as well as work a happy ending with my hands and mouth, tongue. It is a shocker that this Wild Anita can multitask. I know, gents, it isn't easy to imagine the multitasking but I have always been talented at multitasking even in the business world. I am not someone that has to do just one task at a time. 

I had my share of new versus regular clients this week. I had one of my wild men come back as my last client of the week Saturday night. He always is fun and entertaining and can work me well to cum as well as he cums multiples too! This wild girl doesn't get tired easily but he works it so I am ready for bed before he leaves, he he! I had a new gentlemen like that Friday night too. Anyway, just thrilled at my week and happy to move onto the next explosive week of July 4th. I am off on July 4th Tuesday but I do work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (645AM-6:30pm) and Friday (645am-7pm) and Saturday back to 12pm-8pm. 

No doubles for the next few weeks. I will be back doing doubles with Amy and Jackie in August.  

Gentlemen, thank you to those that brought red wine, gift cards, flowers and candy this week. Thank you also for the tips for those that thought to reward this wild tigress. You know who you are!

Many gentlemen verified this week though some weren't able to schedule. Obviously whenever those have verified are ready, you may contact me via text message, phone or email to schedule with me. This wild tigress is ready for the wildness of Monday to be here. I have had a nice rest today, Sunday so my energy will be at an all time high tomorrow. 

Gentlemen, if you don't join me for an explosive Monday full of orgasms, have a wonderful explosive July 4th with your family and friends!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,