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The Anita Diaries - June 1st through June 3rd, 2017

Well, gentlemen, this past week was a short work week for me because my son didn't head back to his Iowa apartment until Wednesday afternoon. So I started Thursday June 1st and worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Boy was I hungry for an orgasm on my first day back! This Wild Tigress had not cum since Monday, May 22nd (that was my last day of hosting before my break). i was in for a pounding on Thursday though as several of my more frisky regulars came out of the woodwork to give me quite a workout!

Never let it be said that sex doesn't provide a lot of exercise as this Wild Tigress had tons of exercise and almost every sexual position that day. One gentlemen regular tackled me and my coffee (he brought me some, thanks!) on the stairs. Alll of our clothes came off as he moved over me body to body on the stairs! Oops, a little spill stopped that one for a moment as this wild lady ran to help clean it up.

Loving the sexual enthusiasm early in the morning though, my first frantic coupling in 10 days, he he! Yes, that was the start of a wild two hour session that provided me multiple orgasms (it was in double figures I thinK). ! I think there was rain coming out of my vaginal canal (no, I didn't wet myself gents!). I think the gents that visited on Thursday were answering my frantic call for "O"s that was cried out for in my part 1 and part deux Vegas blogs this week. At least I know those gents were reading, he he!

Friday was a bit quieter but still wild enough for this Wild Anita. A regular and a couple new gents filled my day. A new client was a bit rough, pushing and shoving my mouth on his cock very hard and then fucking my mouth rather ruthlessly hard. Then he complained about my teeth! A word to the wise, please understand if you are going to fuck someone's mouth hard, there is very little a provider can do to avoid teeth hitting Skippy. Sorry that porn movie you watched the week before didn't prepare you for that. I mean the porn stars aren't going to talk about that, are they?

Otherwise, lots of passion Friday but finishing with a gentlemen that wanted his prostate massaged (this Tigress happily complies on the full prostate massages as plenty of vibrator sizes to choose from). Yes, this Tigress starts with her usually rimming, then lubing and finger insertion and then toy insertion. For prostate massages, the toys are covered in condom and plenty of lube used to ease the gentlemen into it.  He opted to cum while I massaged his cock and his prostate at the same time but my mouth got there in just enough time to get my protein shake! Yummy! 

Saturday had a full day from 12pm-8pm, yes, this Wild Tigress was busy. Plenty of protein that day! I had a couple of oral clients, a strapon client and a cocoa butter massage client. The cocoa butter massage client surprised me by bringing the liquified cocoa butter (he asked for hot water to warm the bottle) with and leaving it to the side without me none the wiser. When he asked me to move onto my stomach, boy was I in for a surprise! The best massage a client has ever given me! And I came when he was moving his naked body over mine, body to body! Yes, liquid cocoa butter massages are so erotic! I am a believer! 

Have a great week, gentlemen! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,