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The Anita Diaries - June 18th - June 23, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! Wild Anita checking in and providing an update regarding my week! A bit of a slow one actually by my standards. I was quiet on Monday until I posted on this blog that I was slow and sure enough it did pick up and I had a couple of last minute gentlemen regulars that heard my plea for business (it was probably just a coincidence). I had my share of light BDSM clients who wanted this Mistress Anita to show them who the boss is. I had a couple gentlemen that wanted to be my sissy and worship this Mistress Anita and help me with my hair and makeup and worship my pussy, legs and feet. I also had a gentlemen that wanted cock and ball torture, using restraints, gag, needles and hammers (Yes, I know every one of you have grabbed "skippy" in a protection mode).

Sending subliminal licks, kisses and love to skippy as you know it is only by request that I do the light BDSM services. One gentlemen showed up and didn't realize that the prostate massage is included in the $170 hour service level though it does say it on my Rates page (I always encourage new gentlemen to do their research before coming to see me). The GFE hour does include rimming and body to body massage. I know it's a bit confusing but the reason the prostate massage is included with the $170 hour light BDSM is that it requires more cleanup. I had a couple gentlemen that partaked in both prostate massage and strapon and they proclaimed it a really fun hour. Anita always ends it with a happy ending, and both left with a smile on their faces! My mouth and hands work incredible magic, a nice sloppy bbbj with cum in mouth swallowing or a hand job (lube used to keep skippy moist), whatever a gents preference. 

I also had my share of passionate kissers, makeout sessions this week. I am always loving those skin to skin, body to body clinches with passionate kisses. I have a 70 something year old gentlemen that sees me weekly now for 2 hour sessions that always lead with a passionate makeout session as we sit on my loveseat (I wonder if that's why it was named that, he he!). He loves fingering me while he passionately kisses me so I am always without underwear with him. I had an upper 70's gentlemen come back to me after a two week break (he drives from the North Side of Chicago) who is usually a weekly client and it was a wonderful reunion of sorts. What a tongue he has! Yes, many O's for this Wild Tigress. I spent a couple of passionate hours and received a book of poetry and some of his own written work from one of my favorite intelligent PHD clients who loves to passionately deep french kiss and have deep intellectual discussions in between the climaxes. I love that! I thanked him profusely for his kindness as I enjoyed the reading this week! I am always looking for deep discussions but obviously skippy gets his fun first and foremost and well, this wild tigress gets her many O's during those fun times. 

I know many of you are on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about the doubles day this past Friday with SexyAss Jackie so I won't leave you waiting. Jackie and I had a wonderfully successful day with six lucky gentlemen (three of my regulars, a couple of new clients and one of Jackie's regulars). All said it was a resounding fun and wild time but a couple were a bit effusive in their praise of us, both saying that we were the best doubles duo ever! I can agree that there is definitely something special with Jackie and I as we do enjoy pleasing each other, and kissing each other as well as pleasing our gentlemen clients. I have had many gentlemen get so excited at watching us. We got several off in multiples and work well in tandem on skippy, yes the porn star experience, gentlemen. Those of you enjoying the view of women getting it on and servicing your cock like it is a beautiful item of worship, well, that is Jackie and I for you. Both of our pussies got a nice fucking from several of the gentlemen as well as many that wanted to do both DATY and DATO on us, though of course I do rimming to the gentlemen as well during these sessions.

Imagine you laying on your back and both Jackie and Anita lying on either side of you, each passionately deep french kissing you, then we switch to your cock, both of us worshipping and licking and sucking the cock head, balls area, shaft up and down. Then, Jackie comes up and sits on your face and you lick her pussy, while Anita rims you and licks and sucks your cock and balls, then Jackie gets a condom and puts it on skippy and sits on you and fucks you as Anita gets her pussy licking, then you yell out you would like to fuck Anita, so Anita gets off your face, prepares you and you fuck Anita from behind as she licks Jackie's pussy and Jackie squirts on Anita's face and you yell you are almost ready to cum, Anita gets back up and you take off condom and cum in Anita's waiting mouth and she swallows every drop! Yes, that is a typical session so gentlemen, I think many of you think just because we aren't spinners, we likely aren't that gifted in the bedroom exploits. WRONG! Memories of our doubles sessions stay with our clients for weeks afterwards, engrained in their minds and of course skippy gets lots of rubs and hand jobs as you cum thinking of SexyAss Jackie and Wild Anita. We are reasonable so yes, I get deeply offended by the phone calls asking if we'll take "sixty dollar" or $200 for the both of us, etc. We work incredibly hard. I was so exhausted due to the 13 hours with Jackie on Friday that I was unable to work on Saturday. Jackie and I will be together next sometime in August. 

As usual, thanks for the coffee, candy, flowers, red wine, poetry books and tips from many thoughtful gentlemen!

Finally, thank you to a couple of gentlemen that gave me kind reviews on The Erotic Review ("TER"). I appreciate the kind words and it does help my business. I will say that I hope for higher service numbers (8's or 9's) as I do consider that I go above and beyond in services for those that participate in my one hour or longer GFE and hour or longer light BDSM sessions. 

Have a great week, gentlemen! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,