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The Anita Diaries - June 11 - June 17, 2017

Hi there, gentlemen, this is your Wild Tigress signing in on Father's Day! Hope you had a great day with your families and for those Dad's, that you were treated like a King today! Maybe you even got a nap and a home cooked meal or were taken out to your favorite restaurant? Anyone can be a father but a Dad means you are involved in your kids lives and are a role model! A heavy undertaking but a noble one.

You hear stories of men taking off and leaving when their kids are young. Alas, when the kids grow up to be age 18 or age 21, they want a part of their kids lives again. Fine of those Dad's to show back up but face it, they missed the toughest parts of their kids lives, the formative years. The years that sons need those male role models. Again, bully for you that you woke up but not sending you any "Father of the Year" awards. 

Now back to the week at hand. Yes, this Wild Tigress had an average week, nothing too outstanding in business, just the right amount every day. I guess no one wanted to get laid on Friday as I was getting myself off that day! Thank God for "The Womanizer" (that newest toy find my sex toy company sells). I was off yesterday due to a family birthday party so the days I can report on mainly are Monday through Thursday, a proper mix of both "regulars" and some new clients. All seemed to leave this Wild Tigress happy.

I had a few light BDSM clients, one that wanted me to be his mommy and I was a very good mommy in the role play. He got off twice in the hour. Nothing like creating a fantasy and allowing a gentlemen to live it with me in the hour. i don't judge my clients, as I know many gentlemen are saying decidedly inside "Ewe" when we talk mommy role plays. Whatever the gentlemen is turned on by, I am here to provide that fantasy for him. As I said before, every man has a trigger and this Wild Anita is signed on as an Escort to be the one to find that trigger and set the guy off!

Of course, I get the benefits. Everyone knows that I am the original "Cum slut", so provide me that protein shake if you can. I also get off by the body worship gents that come along and worship my body at my bidding. Mistress Anita loves body worship and you bad boys, well, no one loves both clitoris and DATY and DATO (dining at the Y and anus) like I do. Many less fastidious sorts of escorts/providers are uncomfortable with it, partly because they don't take those religious showers like I do. I take a shower before every client so my hygiene is impeccable. If you notice that providers are uncomfortable with it, it is likely they aren't as clean down there. Yes, gentlemen, follow their signals and then pull yourself back up to the "titties" or other safe areas. 

Now, I did notice a few gentlemen visit me this week that didn't offer to take a shower when coming from work, for those gentlemen, I did not do rimming. I had to pass that area up. I don't take chances on my health, gentlemen. There are reasons why I rarely am ill and it is mainly because of my hygiene and how I clean up before and AFTER my clients. I saw on USA Guide a comment, "Well, she licks butts all day, ewe".. I can tell you that I am very careful and don't lick any dirty or unclean butts and will stop what I am doing and ask a client to clean up or if I don't feel like it, I won't ask, I just won't touch that area. If a gentlemen misses that area being worked on, I am sure he'll bring it up and then I'll tell him why. 

Heck, everyone knows how much this Wild Tigress loves kissing, deep french kissing, so yes, many gentlemen last week showed up to give me my makeout sessions. I love makeout sessions. Yes, there are gentlemen that show up and refuse to kiss me and it does get difficult to fill an hour of fun if there is no kissing. The gentlemen that don't kiss may or may not be back. I mean it is hard to make a physical connection with someone without the kissing. I have some that don't kiss and come back because of my oral skills mainly, the bbbj, cum in mouth, rimming, massage, etc. But for the most part, my regulars are the passionate sort. 

Amy and I had some wonderful passionate mature gentlemen visitors that came to see us on this past Thursday. We had a great time and provided a wild time to them. Yes, all of the gentlemen seemed to love kissing like we do and took both of us through the paces. It was a fun, tiring day and us mature GILF's kept up mighty well. I did enjoy that gents gave my smaller titties with mighty nipples some great attention even though Amy's rack is much bigger than mine! (Thanks guys for knowing how wonderful I feel when my nipples are sucked!). 

A reminder that doubles fun isn't over as I am with SexyAss Jackie on Friday, June 23rd at her Naperville Hotel. We do have fun doing each other and you! The last time we were together was a rousing success! Give us a chance to wow you! Hosting 10:30am through 11pm that day.

Thank you to those gentlemen that brought me my coffee, candy, red wine and gift cards last week as well as the tips. You know who you are and it's much appreciated. 

Another thing, thanks to the two gentlemen that gave me two new great reviews on TER this week. For those that like reading my reviews, see the link to TER with the woman's body on bottom of every page of my website that should take you to my reviews (TER ID 256588). I strive for high numbers (8's or 9's) on my services end because I believe I go above and beyond for all my clients. I had a gentlemen this week say that 20 minutes with me, and he was already pooped! Yes, he was younger than me. So this mature age 51 year old lady is ready, willing and able to make your day! Try me! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,