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The Anita Diaries - June 10th thru June 16, 2018

Good evening, all. The week was a quick one and I did learn one thing from it: Never ever book a week in an Extended Stay hotel. It was awful! The “grab and go” breakfast sucked and the customer base in the Extended Stay was mainly hoodlums and/or hood types (by the way, any race can be hood-types). The highlights was the screaming up and down the halls at 10pm at night and really throughout the day. It didn’t stop. It wasn’t just children either.

The adults if we can even call them that couldn’t stop themselves from bringing their drama into the hallways. Wow, I never remember having those kind of fights with my partners/hubby/significant others over the years. There was even one jerk that couldn’t stop himself from hitting the mother of his child (a two year old was with them) often and within seeing distance of all the rest of us staying there as well as within his child’s sight.

The front desk help was rude their as well. Asking for extra towels? Don’t bother, you’ll get the withering stare from them. Never ask housekeeping either. They tell you to go downstairs to the front desk and yes, there I was on the receiving end of many withering stares.

By the way, my room was probably the quietest on the premises and yes, their was some moans and groans and I’ll say quiet dirty talk. I am great with quiet dirty talk, I have been doing lots of practicing since being in hotels.  I can still talk dirty talk in hotels, I just do it more quietly because obviously I’m trying to keep it on the down low and under the radar as much as possible.The only problem is that some of my hard of hearing clients have a hard time understanding/hearing me. I do the best I can at enunciating. 

So now for the weekly rundown. On Monday I had a couple of clients. One was a client that had previously saw me a year ago. He was so wildly passionate that my temperature went up a couple of degrees when he made the appointment. I was so happy as he had tried a few times to return in the past but it hadn’t worked out. He admitted as a business professional that my new hours are much easier for him to make. Plus I’m more centralized in Schaumburg than when I hosted at my townhouse. We had a lot of deep French kissing and naked body to body, and he loved my rimming of him (yes, he was freshly clean). He also was extremely hungry for “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit”! It was a grand time and I was thrilled that I had a chance to blow his mind, well I “blowed” something anyway. His “Skippy” was very happy, I’ll just say that and I received my first protein shake of the week.

The second and last gentlemen on Monday, a senior businessman was a new client that completed the form and gave me a couple of items to verify himself. He is awesome! I really hope he comes back. I did enjoy the deep French kissing and naked body to body, and he introduced himself to Penelope and Cleo as well. We had a rousing mutually enjoyable oral time. He was also generous with the protein shake. He kind of surprised me as he admitted he been a fence rider for four years. He admitted to watching my ads since 2014 when I first started and said my pictures back then were very amateur! He is correct though, I wasn’t offended in the least by what he said. I looked dumpy in my 2014 and 2015 photos and really wonder why anyone chose to come to me back then. Again, I will say thank you to those “Originals” that saw past the photos to knowing that I would be a real genuinely sweet no drama passionate mature woman to spend some quality time with. It is also why since 2016 to present, I pretty much had professional photos taken annually (the last set were taken March 2018). I believe that professional photographs do pay off and are worth every cent that I have spent on them.

On Tuesday, I had two regulars, a new client (RS-AVS member) and a walk out new client. My two regulars are the passionate gentlemen that I love. Lots of make-out sessions, deep French kissing, naked body to body, my sensual wet mouth on their “Skippy” and their mouths over my Cleo and Penelope. Both provided my protein shakes of the day. The new client, RS-AVS member was very passionate, deep French kisser as well. I really enjoyed our “pillow talk” as well.  I was thankful that he took the driving trip from upper north suburbs to visit me.

The walk off by the newly verified client happened after I had verified the gentleman at length and he provided proof that he was a business management professional. I basically told you in a blog earlier this week that he was African American ("AA") to explain that the real reason behind the “no AA” on mine and so many other escort providers ads has to do with the lowballing and lack of respect. If I was given the respect and the AA gentlemen that come to see me didn’t lowball me and shows up with the requested donation that was discussed before the appointment was made, I wouldn’t be putting no AA on any of the advertisements or on my website. It would never be talked about because everything would be fine. It is not a race issue, it's a respect issue. So now I am back to basically my prior stance and expect that should an African American gentlemen think that he is different, mature and a business professional, and won’t pull the same “shit” as that guy did, he will have to convince me on it and provide what is needed to make me feel comfortable in entertaining him. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, well, just disappointing days business wise.  I had a couple of clients Wednesday, one was a newly verified gentleman, a traveler from the East Coast, here on business. The other was a new regular in that he saw me once when I was living in my ugly Rolling Meadows apartment and gave me a “second chance” and visited me at the hotel. I am always grateful for the second chance to prove that I am the real deal and a superbly passionate wild tigress. My new “regular”, he called himself that, said he enjoyed our passionate naked clinches and loved how we kissed. He said no one he has met in the business (he is a hobbyist) can compete with that kind of passion.  I was very honored and happy that he gave me the second chance. His “Skippy” enjoyed the attention and he loved providing me my protein. He took a ride on Penelope and was able to time himself perfectly pulling the condom off and giving me my protein.  The gentlemen traveler from the East Coast was a surprise. I really wasn’t sure we’d get along but we seemed to enjoy each other’s passion and he was quite receptive to the kissing, naked body to body and just loved that mutual two way street. He said our appointment was a happy surprise to him. He admitted he does visits of this kind rarely due to his work schedule. I am hoping he remembers me should he come back to the area again.

On Thursday, I had a couple of new clients that had verified with me awhile back but just hadn’t made it to the area until then. I really appreciate those businessmen that are willing to verify/screen ahead for a future date as when they do get to the area, it is quite easy to get them appointments to see me as they had take care of that way ahead of time.  The first gentlemen enjoys the passion so GFE appointment was his preference. He admitted my oral talents are quite something and wished it hadn’t taken so long for him to get to me. He said he certainly won’t wait so long for the next visit. He loved swimming in my pussy juices! I was able to lick them all off his face! What a sweet giving man! And I gave him all that he asked for back as he said the stress relief helped him so much. The second and last client was a BDSM new client. He basically gave me the scenario and we ran with it. I basically tied him up, and blindfolded him and he serviced all of this Mistress Anita’s parts every which way. I did a lot of face sitting and sticking my titties in his mouth and he suckled them. I spanked his ass many times and belittled him and finally I sucked his “Skippy” and hand jobbed him to completion. He said he enjoyed being “Mistress Anita’s bitch”.

On Friday, it was girlfriend fun day with SexyAss Jackie in Naperville. It was not nearly as busy as previous girlfriend fun days (four gentlemen joined us) so I am just feeling a bit bad and wondering if having girlfriend fun days is even worth it. But as it was slightly better than the 2 visitor days I have been having most of the week, Jackie tried to cheer me up and say that likely by ourselves we wouldn’t have done as well. Our first client, one of Jackie’s regulars that had visited us previously came back for some more ravishing of our pussies (boy does he have oral talents) and really enjoyed just our mutual spoiling of him. Both Jackie and I face-road him and he enjoyed Jackie and I fighting over his “Skippy” and giving him a lot of cock adoration. He then wanted Jackie to fuck him and he watched her lick my pussy and us passionately kissing each other. Yes, it was definitely eye candy to him! He lost his load in a condom and as he is a “one pop” guy, we spent the last moments enjoying “pillow talk” as he is quite funny and enjoyable to be around. We thanked him for coming to visit us on a double day for a second time.  The next client was one of my regulars that basically wanted to try as much as possible in the hour as he asked for “Greek” with Jackie in addition to the normal hourly donation. Yes, he has quite the ability to stay hard in the hour, wanted to see Jackie and I do each other, then we worked on cock adoration, fighting over his “Skippy” and then quite a wild horizontal mambo session that included him enjoying Jackie’s ass in a Greek session, then he switched condoms and started fucking me from behind as I licked and sucked Jackie’s titties and “clit”. Then he did a standing “mish” with Jackie putting her legs over his head and him deep penetrating her. He finished in the condom. He admitted it was quite the session and was tired, didn’t think he had a second pop in him so he got dressed. We thanked him for giving us a chance on girlfriend fun day. 

The third client, a newly verified one of mine, a young buck, came over and really enjoyed the wildness of both Jackie and I. We both took turns making out with him and fighting over his “Skippy”. He blew the first one, a nice protein shake, into my mouth. Then we worked at getting him hard again, and a bunch of different horizontal mambo positions later, he admitted it likely wouldn’t result in a second pop. He thoroughly enjoyed the attention and admitted that us mature babe’s have a lot of energy! He also loved watching Jackie and I passionately kissing and doing each other in between tries at pops. The last client, another of Jackie’s regulars that had visited us together in a previous session came over and gave me flowers and brought Jackie a bottle of wine. I begged off on joining them on the wine as I knew I would be leaving to go home after that session and didn’t want that in my system on the drive home. We had a great pillow talk session as he is quite interesting and entertaining, and of course, lots of passionate kissing between all of us and he enjoys servicing both of us orally so we thoroughly enjoyed laying back and receiving! Then we did a bit of face sitting, taking turns on him and then we both fought over his “Skippy” working him best as we could. He has had his share of erectile disfunction issues and admitted we did the best we could on him. It was the “journey” on this visit that mattered to him as well and we had a great time together. That finished the girlfriend fun day so I left to go home after. 

On Saturday, I had a polish lothario visit me early (a new client that had verified a few months before but had never gotten a chance to visit) visit me and wow me with how passionate he was. Just a very enjoyable mutual oral time and I loved licking all my pussy juices off of his face. Quite the handsome lothario. He left after thoroughly enjoying “one of the best blowjobs he ever had.” After that, I was at a bridal shower and some family stuff and then came back home to entertain a BDSM client in the evening. This gentleman I had doubts about entertaining but I am glad I took the chance on him. He gave me quite the “fantasy” that he had starting with wanting me to “kidnap him” and make him “my bitch” and so I forced him to service Cleo and Penelope and sucking and licking my titties and then tied him to my bed (he wanted it tight so I did my best) and then forced my underwear in his mouth, duct taped his mouth shut and force face sat on him and stuck my nipples in his face and then went back down and spanked him hard with both my leather paddle and my wood paddle, then went back to fingering his ass and squeezing his balls and belittling him for being a bad, naughty boy and not visiting “Mistress Anita” enough. I blindfolded him, face sat him again and forcing my nipples in his face, went back to his ass and pulling at his “Skippy” and balls and then started teasing and denying him his ability to “cum”.  I kept working that for a bit until I let him cum finally. After untying him, ungagging him and taking blindfold off, he admitted he had a great time and would visit me again sometime. 

So that finished the week that was. As said earlier, unfortunately, not the business that I had hoped but I was grateful that I had so many verified new clients that came to see me that seemed to enjoy themselves so much. In that respect, I have to consider the week a success as I just may have converted some of my new clientele into “regulars”. I do work to have that happen with every client so that eventually I will just entertain regulars and won’t have to advertise as much. 

Thank you to those clients that provided me tips as well as flowers, candy and coffee this week! It is never expected and always appreciated!

Now for the new week! I’m in a different but much nicer hotel this week, thank goodness! I am hoping I get more visitors both newly verified clientele and regulars this week as I will be off on vacation starting Saturday, June 23rd through and including Sunday, July 1st.

Yes, that’s me asking and hoping for business this week! This wild tigress wants that passionate attention! The schedule this week: Monday thru Thursday 8am through 11pm and Friday 8am through 11am. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,