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The Anita Diaries - July 8th thru July 14th, 2018

Good evening all! This past week was quite amazing! It was kind of a tale of two weeks really as I had kind of a slow start but then Thursday through Saturday came about, well, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe those days. I’m still a bit winded with the way Saturday ended! Talk about a climax!

If I don’t mention everyone in those days, don’t get mad. I can’t always get everyone so I try to hit some of the highlights and give you a pretty good idea about the day. It doesn’t mean that because one of my clients isn’t mentioned that I had a lousy time. Regarding last week, every appointment was “smoking hot”. Yes, this wild tigress has the greatest job in the world. Maybe I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but for the ones I am not, not my problem at all! I’m still having a great time in every appointment. It just means they aren’t having a great time with me!

Slow start as I said before and because there is so much to describe in the remaining part of the week, I’ll probably just hit on a few appointments in the Monday thru Wednesday time frame. On Monday, I had a couple long lost regulars including one of the “originals” or from my 2014 clientele that started me out.  One long lost regular I had for a half hour visit due to my two hour appointment with the original gentlemen that came after.  He’s a fun gent, a long time RS-AVS member. We had some hot passionate kissing, some mutual oral, then him and I got some horizontal mambo going and low and behold, the great climax.  I hate rushes so I hope he forgives and comes back soon. The gentleman after him was one of my originals who visited with me for two hours. He quite simply swallows me whole! Lots of deep French kissing, some naked body to body, swims in my pussy juices and well, I worked his nipples and Skippy well. He was pretty worked up so it didn’t take as long as normal. He is a senior and has some ED issues but it wasn’t apparent at this appointment. He obviously missed me as he gave me quite the protein shake!

On Tuesday, I had a traveler from out east come for a visit and boy was he a surprise! He called me from Midway and hadn’t verified before. As soon as he texted over a couple of items to make me feel more comfortable, he came to my hotel and he was ready and excited for our passionate session. He loves all that I do! Lots of passionate deep French kissing, naked body to body, he loved meeting “Cleo the Clit” and “Penelope the Pussy”! He was swimming in my pussy juices. We did lots of mutual oral, I did some face riding, we did a 69 and he loved my mouth on “Skippy”.  He took a ride on Penelope (missionary and then me on top, cowgirl) and then he pulled the condom off and blew in my mouth! I was hungry too as he was my only client that day. What’s a wild tigress to do without her sustenance? Anyway, he said he would look me up again when he comes into town in the future.

On Wednesday, I had a senior businessman (a new fence faller!) join me for the lone appointment! Seriously, I was getting a complex by that time. Where was everyone? He was a very enjoyable visitor. He loves kissing too. At least those of you reading out there that fall off the fence, many of you badly want an intimate physical passionate connection. I am grateful for that as it really makes the whole hour (or longer visits for those that like that) a wonderful fun time. So lots of making out for this appointment, he loved meeting Cleo and Penelope and then gave me some protein in the end.

So Thursday was my Girlfriend Fun Day with Lauren. When we were planning for it and the week before, it was sort of a luke warm response. Only a couple of pre-books until the day before. I was worried that her and I would be wasting a day but I guess I just need more confidence because boy did our regular clientele and a newly verified delicious gentleman come through for us, it was an absolutely scrumptious day! Lauren and I were so happy with every gentlemen that visited us. A big thanks to our regulars and the newly verified gentleman that just made our day! I am sorry that I had to turn away a few of my regulars because it would have been “standing room only”. If Lauren and I feel that a rest in the middle is important, we will take that rest so that we can give our all to those gentlemen visitors. So the first gentleman was a delicious new client that was just so enjoyable. He knows what to do with two passionate women, that is for sure! Lots of deep French kissing, naked body to body, loves sucking on titties, licking pussies, we fought over his “skippy” and then Lauren and I did some deep French kissing of each other and she licked my pussy while he fucked her from behind. All to a glorious wonderful climax.

One of Lauren’s regulars, a delicious fireman joined us and boy did he have us at hello! I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for fireman. They leave me a bit weak in the knees! Yes, he was quite delicious, we both took turns pleasing him, I could tell he enjoys being rimmed, then we fought over his “skippy”, then he fucked both of us quite well! We were both tripping over ourselves to give him the passionate goodbye kisses he deserved! Then one of my regulars, a handsome plumber came over to “plunge” into us! It happened, I’m not joking! He just loves the deep French kissing and he took mighty good care of Lauren’s and my body. He watched Lauren and I make out and then he fucked Lauren from behind while she licked my pussy. Lauren is quite the good pussy licker these days! I love laying back and enjoying that. Then he came in the condom while enjoying watching Lauren and I. A couple of more of my passionate regulars joined us in the evening. Both wanted to please Lauren and I badly and did a great job at it. 

All I can say about the last few hours, both of our pussies were sopping wet! We both did a lot of face sitting, lots of naked body to body, lots of deep passionate kisses and then lots of pleasing of each other. Yes, I did lick Lauren’s pussy a lot too. I didn’t want her to feel left out of that. We both have soft tongues!  The men enjoyed the show I can tell you that! I did get a couple of protein shakes off the last couple of clients (a wink “thank you” in their direction). It’s not easy as many of my senior regulars do have ED issues so I think they get a bit overwhelmed with two hot sexy women licking and sucking their cock like it’s the last cock we’ll ever see! Seriously, I treat ever cock sucking session that way. If a provider doesn’t believe cock worship is one of the single most important parts of our work day, well, then they shouldn’t be doing the business.  So that finished Lauren’s and my day and we will again say “thank you” to all those gentlemen that either visited or inquired to visit us that we couldn’t see. It made us feel very special and we can hardly wait until the next Girlfriend Fun day.

On Friday, I was definitely still a bit tired from the wild Thursday but as I was making up from earlier in the week when it was slow, I could hardly say no to business that was offered. I find it interesting that pretty much most of my week was GFE oriented but the first three appointments I had on Friday were light BDSM/strapon clients. I guess it was the trend of the day! I had a GFE appointment towards the end of the day and finished with another light BDSM  client.  So for the start of Friday, yes, two strapon gentlemen, one that was a definite advanced strapon guy as he wanted my two biggest dildos used on him. We started with one just to stretch him and then the biggest (looked like a big black cock, coke can wide and about 11 inches long). I feel bad though as I think the biggest was a bit too much for him. We finished with more oral and a hand job. Even advanced gentlemen if they aren’t stretched enough, well, it is almost better to have stuck with the first one as I do think the culmination boom would have been just as satisfying. The second strapon gentleman (a new fence faller, thank you!) was more of a middle line that had some experience but not as much as the first. He said it wasn’t as fun the several times that he had tried it before that day. We stuck with a couple of medium size dildos and they worked quite nicely! He had a blast, he totally enjoyed himself and well, the orgasm came from his toes on up! The third light BDSM guy (another fence faller) wanted me to make him obey me, make him service my body and then he wanted me to provide a golden shower to him, then he joined me back in the bed for more oral and then he hand jobbed himself while he rubbed his cock over my ass. His choice, he says he enjoys that. A GFE client (another fence faller) joined me in the early evening for some hot passion, lots of deep French kissing, I rode his face, we did some of 69 and I lovingly adored his skippy and he provided me a protein shake! The last client, a regular, joined me for some bdsm, he wanted me to make him service me, then I peed in a cup (another version of the golden shower) and he drank some of it. He picked out that I was a coffee drinker due to the taste. I didn’t know my coffee drinking would affect the urine taste! I learn a new thing every day!

On Saturday, it was only one client (another fence faller, this time from P411). I could have had more that day but I really felt I couldn’t give the performance to more than one so I said no to about three gentlemen. I am sorry to those I couldn’t fit in. The one gentleman that I did see, well, he had a fantasy with both SexyAss Jackie and I in it so he had asked ahead of time if there was any way he could get Jackie to come to my place for a double just with him and well, money does talk in those instances. He was very generous so Jackie came over and well, I don’t know what to say other than in his words, it was “EPIC”! It was a sexual extravaganza that included some firsts for Jackie and I with a client. He is a very visual guy so he enjoyed seeing Jackie and I do lots of wonderful things to each other. Jackie has the tongue from the heavens, so soft. Anyway, we had a great time French kissing each other, and we had a great time French kissing him as well. He definitely loves to kiss. We did some oral on him, fought over his cock a bit. I face sat on him while Jackie pleased his cock and then Jackie face sat on him, while I went back to servicing his cock.

Then the remainder of our time together on Saturday, well that is what made our time together more “EPIC”. Lots of “trains”.  First he fucked Jackie “Greek” from behind while she sucked and licked my pussy. Then he fucked me, cowgirl and also doggie while I licked Jackie’s pussy. She says I am getting a lot better at it. She squirted alot for our gentleman but I couldn’t quite get the pocket to explode in my face for me! So he had some other “firsts” he wanted to try and this scenario was quite hard to orchestrate but we made it work! I’m sorry, you all had to be there as I can’t imagine ever getting this to work again but I can tell you it did happen! We made a real sandwich, double penetration! He got behind Jackie to fuck her Greek and she got on top of me while I was wearing my medium 9 inch real feel cock/dildo strapon on, and I fucked her (her cowgirl riding me) and our gentleman fucked her Greek from behind. Wow, Jackie blew whatever left of her cum out on top of me (I was fully saturated!) and our gentleman, he was quite happy with the show that he was a part of. He was able to stay hard for almost the full two hours without cumming. Jackie and I were amazed at his control of his “instrument.” So the last “first” for him was he wanted me to fuck him with a strapon while Jackie sucked his cock and balls. He finally blew to the high heavens after that (and I caught it all, thank you!). I was quite starving by then, having worked up quite the appetite. He was able to mark a couple of those firsts off his bucket list which he said he was grateful for. He also said he would be back as that two hour session was quite amazing.

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave tips, candy, flowers, champagne and wine. It is never expected but always appreciated!

So onto this new week! Please come visit me, regulars and those newly verified gentlemen!

A reminder that the “Members Area” won’t have content for a bit until I figure out what I am going to include in the there. So be patient!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,