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The Anita Diaries - July 23rd thru July 27th, 2017 (Short week, vacation Fri July 28 thru Monday, July 31)

Hello there, gentlemen, just your horny wild tigress here who feels like she's in "heat" all the time though that is not possible (post-menopausal). It was a quick week of hosting, Monday through Thursday as I am leaving tomorrow Friday July 28th for the Oshkosh, Wiscconsin Air Show. I will be with my special friend with benefits who gets me off often so I don't start humping any pilots, military personnel or NASA astronauts while I am there (I will be tempted though). Anything about flight gets me very hot!

Firstly, I did have a lot screening forms from "new friends" this week, thank you very much for those that took the time even though they were uncomfortable. Jumping off that fence is never easy. Do know that if you hurt yourself falling off the fence, this feline will kiss and make it all better, with tongue and all (sending those subliminal licks to "Skippy"). So yes, when I am screening, it does take me an hour or two to go through them all upon receipt and to just make sure that their "Likes" and "Dislikes" match what will work for my sessions. As I said yesterday, there are times where I have to tell gentlemen "No" and I hate doing it but if they don't meet the age requirement, or if they are not businessmen, professionals or retirees, or worse, if they are felons with assault/battery on their record (yes, sadly I have found that and paroled rapists/sex offenders), I am reluctant to take them. It's just my preference and sometimes I have to hurt gentlemen's feelings.  

I have my share of gentlemen that still contact me right when they want to see me (I call them the "stop by's") and "forget" about the verification/screening requirement and think I'll make an exception. It's not going to happen, I have too much to lose, my beautiful townhouse, my adult kids (should they find out, and they could if I am arrested) and even my life is at stake. If anyone doesn't know by now by all the writing on this blog that I do, this whole website that I put together and the 87 TER reviews (under ID 256588), that it is pretty apparent that I am real, no drama and harmless (well unless you want me to do some punishing of you via my light BDSM sessions). 

So back to the juicees of this week, yes, as usual, many passionate regulars and new verified friends came to see me. The trend was that i pretty much had all GFE and PSE lovers visiting me. Yes, as usual this wild tigress had lots of "O's and just an all over good time with the "old friends and new friends." It was pretty deep with cocks and balls yesterday as I couldn't take all that asked for appointments on Wednesday and Thursday. I wanted to but I am careful here at my Schaumburg townhouse (I can't have anything be too obvious). I think the neighbors would be a bit surprised if a bunch of cocks and balls were found outside of my house waiting. So yes, plenty of space between clients is what I have to do to keep it on the down low. 

I had several new clients that showed me how much they loved to kiss and seemed to have a great time. I did some role plays this week, one was me as an "Auntie" and the other was I was the horny "Sister-in- Law". It seemed like the gents enjoyed the fact that I stayed in character for them. Added some hot dirty talk to the session and we were off to some great culmination "booms." A hot regular of mine came over and let me fuck him. I fucked him and boy did he fuck me good as well. This wild tigress does not have many regulars that do want intercourse, most are quite enamored with my mouth and want this blow job queen to swallow her protein shakes so when I get the gentlemen that want the multiple positions, I get excited and chortling with glee! It's great exercise for me too! 

I didn't get any TER reviews this week other than the one that was about Amy and I do doubles. It was a very good review about both of us but to be honest, I am having a hard time remembering who that was as we only had five gentlemen clients on June 15th (our only June session and last doubles session together) and only one was a 90 minute session, the rest were hour sessions (we did not have a two hour appointment that day).  Also, he mentioned two hundred roses for two hours and two woman. NO, that is not what we charge. We do charge $300 per hour for two women and if it was a two hour meet, we might have charged $575 or $600 for two women but never that low price he said. So yes, a bit confusing and even though I appreciate the kind words he said, I do not work for nothing and please don't insult me by lowballing either of us either in a singles or doubles session because I know my worth as do my doubles partners, both sweethearts that work hard (Amy and Jackie). I am very good at all things oral (a very gifted tongue) and because I am reasonable, some men think they can take advantage of me and lowball me more. I do know how to block men on my phone and I do it regularly. 

I do appreciate all the gifts this week (in my short week), including the tips, red wine, candy and coffee! Yes, this wild tigress appreciates the thoughtfulness and generosity of her clients. 

Gentlemen, have a great weekend. This wild tigress will be back working in West Schaumburg next week starting Tuesday, August 1st. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,