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The Anita Diaries - July 22nd thru July 26th, 2018 (short week!).

Hello all, just an update of a rather quick week. I have been a bit on edge so the long weekend break is coming at a great time. Summer is almost over as only a few short weeks until the kids are all back in school. I am actually going on two trips (the last one just a quick overnight and day trip and returning Monday evening). The first one is with a special someone to Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s EAA Air-Venture. We are camping it again tonight through Sunday morning. For those of you that read back all of my blogs from December 2016 to present will recall the story of the “dancing tent.” This time the tent is big enough to walk in so hoping there will not be the tent moving as much during certain “passionate clinches” and “horizontal mambo” time! 

The second trip is to Iowa to see my son’s new place and how it’s decorated as well as tour around his new college campus he will be at for the next 22 months to complete his Master’s Degree.  He is only off work Monday so it will just be a quick visit to check on him and to see if he will need any money for August. I know the classes start up in the third week of August and so does the bill paying for the first semester. He is very self-sufficient and works his butt off (not a lazy worker in the least) and has told me he has things covered that way for the first few months.

So I started working Sunday evening this week knowing that it is a short week. The first client visitor was a newly verified traveler from the South east who came over to my hotel to see if the “oral skills” were true. I did get him off twice (two protein shakes) within a half hour but to be fair he is in his mid-thirties. I know all of you reading this may be envious. You all probably remember a time where three or four ejaculations an hour were possible.

I had a few clients visit me on Monday including a regular of mine for strapon who was my first client of the day. He came over so I would face sit on him, make him suck my “titties” and make him eat my pussy. Boy does “Cleo the Clit” and “Penelope the Pussy” get the great treatment. The twins did get their share of sucking as well. Then I lubed him up for some butt play and then started sucking “skippy” to get him nice and hard. I rimmed him a bit and then started fingering him in his ass a bit.  I grabbed a mid-size dildo (one up from the last time) and fucked him with it a long time with me behind him and he on his knees. Then I had him lay on his back so I could play with his cock and balls and continue to fuck him with same dildo. Eventually he erupted on my mouth. For those that ever had a prostate massage or a strapon fucking, it is definitely a different kind of cataclysmic boom than the normal eruption. The second client was a newly verified gentleman that wanted to be dominated as well. He loved getting to know “Cleo” and “Penelope” and the “twins.” I finished him orally (another protein shake) and gave him a golden shower.  My last client of the day was a GFE client that loves to kiss and make-out. He also loves the mutual oral and loved “swimming in my pussy juices.” I finished him with a blow job that included lots of “shaft work” and “edging”. He blew to high heavens in my mouth. 

On Tuesday, I had several clients, some newly verified and some regulars. The first one was a new client that loved the mutual oral and got to know Cleo and Penelope quite well. I rode his face some and then we did “69”. He wanted to ride Penelope a bit which was great as she hadn’t been ridden since this past Friday. As I told all of you before, it isn’t often that she gets ridden and many say I have a very tight pussy.  I jumped on him on “Cowgirl” and then he fucked me missionary. I then sucked the cum out of him. We tried for a second pop as well. It finally worked with a lot of hand work in between.  The second gentleman was a regular who loves kissing/making out and riding Penelope and finishing oral. After a lot of exercise (sex is the best exercise ever!), we finished  with oral and he blew in my mouth. The third client was a two hour gentleman visitor from out west. We did some making out, lots of mutual naked body to body and some “69” and got him off first with some licking of shaft, sucking and then he blew in my mouth.  There was much pillow talk in between, then I gave him a prostate massage. I tried to get him off a second time but we had to finish with one and a half. He said he still enjoyed himself.  The last newly verified client was a prostate massage guy. We started out deep French kissing and making out. He went down on me sucking my titties first and then met Cleo and Penelope. Then after I did some rimming of him, lubed his ass up, some fingering and then stuck my thin vibe inside of him. He said he loved the feel and blew his load in my mouth. 

On Wednesday, a few gentlemen, all regulars joined me for what turned out as my last day of hosting. I was going to host today but I had two cancellations.  The first regular of mine wanted a prostate massage (yes, it was the trend of the week), so we did much mutual oral, some deep French kissing, he sucked my titties and visited with Cleo and Penelope, got me so wet! Then I went down and started working on his cock, shaft and balls, started lubing his ass and fingering him there. Then I lubed up my thin vibe and inserted it inside of him. He loved the feel of it. Then he got harder, I continued to suck him and lick his shaft and suck his balls. I took the thin vibe out and finished his oral with him blowing in my mouth. He said he couldn’t top that so we ended with the one blow. I had another regular that loves being blown but we did a lot of mutual oral, lots of deep French kissing, I rimmed him and he rimmed me as well as getting Cleo and Penelope quite turned on. He blew in my mouth. Yes, I am always happy with the high protein lunch! The last “regular” of mine was a younger buck (late 20’s) who comes to me periodically for a “Mommy” and “Son” role play. He loves his Mommy licking and sucking him and also sucked and licked my pussy well. He titty sucked his mom and tried to titty fuck me as well. He then decided he wanted to fuck his mom and did so very well, thank you. What a dramatic finish to the week as Penelope got ridden again. Then he finished up blowing in my mouth. 

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips, gift cards and candy this week. As usual, gifts and tips are always appreciated but not expected.

I will provide a more detailed account of my time away hopefully by Monday or Tuesday evening of next week.

Anyone that wants to pre-book for next week, please leave me a text, email or a voicemessage. I may not get back to you with the confirmation until July 30th, Monday evening. Also, look ahead to that wild girlfriend fun day with SexyAss Jackie on Friday, August 3rd in Schaumburg and let me know if you'd like to book some time with us that day. We might want to re-create that double penetration we did for a client a couple weeks ago.   

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,