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The Anita Diaries - July 1st thru July 7th, 2018

Good evening, everyone! A beautiful weekend outside for those of us in the Chicagoland area! This week was my first week back after vacation. Overall a good week and thank you to all of those that heard my plea for business. I had eighteen (18) completed Appointment Request forms sent to me since Sunday, July 1st. I did not see all of the eighteen this week as many were completing the forms ahead of time for future weeks of appointments. I appreciate those gentlemen that plan ahead as it is difficult in my business as so many have to get turned away because they call and want to get in with me right away but they haven’t done what is needed to lightly screen with me. I am not unreasonable as many of those that choose to screen with me can also complete it via text message and/or email. Most are just glad when the process is over with and look forward to setting our first date!

I do need to be clear on something though and it is a delicate subject that I brought up last weekend on my Sunday 2nd part vacation update. I do not seek to hurt anyone’s business even if the person I mentioned made a threat to mine. So any of you out there that feels they want to be my “Knight in Shining” armor, I ask you to stop that thought. I do my best to take the high road and try to do the right thing and stay away from the drama of it. All I did was alert you all to the possibility that there are lies being told to hurt my business. That’s it. After that, any of you that decided to take up the gauntlet without asking, I ask you to stop and let’s move away from the fire. Because that is really what it is, the fire. It isn’t even the frying pan, it is way past it. I really don’t need any more drama. All I want to do is have a successful business with many regulars and new friends (those that choose to fall off the fence, that is). 

So let’s move onto more pleasant topics such as the weekly update that involves such wonderful eroticism! I started the week on Monday very fittingly with one of my originals (a senior gentlemen that has been with me since 2014). He loves the mutual oral so we took turns on each other until I ended with my protein shake! He is almost fully retired so he says it is much tougher for him to find “an escape” to get to see me. I told him that I understand that and even if it is periodic business versus monthly business, I am always grateful for it. With my regulars, the most fun is the pillow talk after. We always have a lot to catch up on.

After he left, I had a couple of more Monday visitors, both regulars that love passion. The next one was a 90 minute visit that just took my breath away. Holy cow, he came so hungry! My clit ended up twice the normal size. He was swimming in my pussy juices. I worked on his “Skippy” as he prefers to end with a very slow sensual happy ending.

All I can say is I did the most edging I could until he couldn’t hold back anymore and blew in my mouth! Yes, the protein shake was a lot! He had saved up! The last Monday client was another “original”. He and I always have a wonderful visit and he is incredibly sexy! We are always hot and heavy, lots of naked body to body, lots of mutual oral and then we do some horizontal mambo! We have many positions we do until the finale is he ended up coming on my belly. I didn’t mind that even though he tries to get it to my mouth, but it is sometimes beyond anyone’s control. Lots of pillow talk after finished the night for me!

On Tuesday, I ended up with another visit from the Pussy Muncher who always comes hungry to suck Cleo and finger Penelope! He and I did a lot of mutual oral and he got me off like no other! Just another enjoyable visit with a lot of making out! The gentlemen after him was a new client that verified the prior day, a traveler from the South. He loves strapon and anal beads. I did a lot of oral edging, then we ended up finding the correct size dildos for some fucking him after I did lots of fingering and lots of lube. Finished off with some anal beads and then finished him more with both mouth and handjob. He left happy and on his way. The third client was a new regular (he had been with me once a year before) that enjoys the passion. By that I mean, lots of deep French kissing, lots of naked body to body, much mutual oral and him finishing with that protein shake. He was happy and said he would try to visit more often. I do understand the struggle men have. Having “cock time” should be a second or third priority but it ends up much farther down the list. This lady will always tell you to take time for yourselves when you are able. Cock time should be scheduled in there with working out, haircuts and eating out. Well, I think this lady loves when gentlemen show up mighty hungry and ready for some calorie free eating!  My last client of the day was another senior favorite who comes to swim in my pussy juices. He is mainly retired with a bit of a side job that gets him out of the house. When he is passing through the area, I do end up hearing from him. This time he decided to have a prostate massage along with more of an oral finish. Once we got through with making out and much mutual oral, he said that the thin vibrating toy was definitely a sensation he never experienced before. He said it was a great try and is happy that he gave it a go. I always open up more options for my regulars. There is never any shame in trying anything and everything. The bedroom should always be the best playground.

Well, Wednesday, July 4th, just a lot of cataclysmic booms happening in my hotel room! Who needs the real fireworks when you make your own! I never expected to have as many visitors as I did as usually holidays only brings out a couple of single guys but that day included some married gentlemen as well. I’m just glad I wasn’t sitting by myself all day. The first of the day was one of my quiet silent regulars that comes to see me mainly for lots of passionate licking and sucking of his “Skippy”.  For the most part, I can get him to climax twice in my mouth. Once in a while he does just one pop. It’s just darn lucky that this tigress never gives up! I am a voracious licker of cock. I am the true cock whisperer (accept no imitations!). Anyway, he left happy after providing me a couple of protein shakes.  Well, the rest of the day, just a mixture of light BDSM/Strapon clientele.

The good thing, newly verified clients coming to enjoy this wild mistress tigress doing some face sitting (boy did I get spoiled!) and a couple of clients wanted golden showers, and several wanted me to fuck their asses with my dildo collection. The bad, I didn’t have my whole collection. Again, my bad. I have a couple of extremely large dildos at home that obviously would have been perfect as two of my new clients are advanced at the strapon play. They both knew that the perfect sizes they saw in my pictures weren’t there. So we had a session with the mid-size dildos and they still seemed happy after their cataclysmic booms. I told them to give me another shot at it in the future and I will make sure that I have the larger sizes with me next time. I just need a bit of a reminder to bring them with. It’s much harder to bring everything to the hotel but I do sleep at my place at night and if they had spoken up about the sizes they saw, I would have brought them or gone home and gotten them. So yes, some wild times being had and I was so spoiled that day, thank you! I also had a visit with one of my favorite originals that finally was able to work out the timing. He is a passionate sort so tons of making out, lots of naked body to body, the mutual oral enjoyment and then some horizontal mambo including some doggie and then he came in my mouth! I really enjoyed the pillow talk with all my new clientele and regulars that made the trip to see me on July 4th. It was just a glorious day and “Cleo the Clit” and “Penelope the Pussy” were quite happy. I enjoyed the passionate deep French kissing as they all seemed to love making out. I went home spent and tired but happy!

On Thursday, I had a few regulars. Everyone seemed to want the same appointment times so that was an issue. I really hate telling some of my favorite clients that I just can’t fit them in. The 11am appointment, well, it is the most requested appointment. I just ask that some of you anticipate ahead as a lot of the time the first two hours of the day is quiet and then all church let out by 10am. All the sudden, my lunch hour appointments were full.  Everyone wants the lunch without the burger but with my “big buns”. The first client was a regular, a senior “snowbird” that came over to see me. Definitely a passionate GFE sort. He loves making out, lots of oral attention on his “Skippy” and then the cataclysmic boom in my mouth (yes, he gave me a late breakfast!). The second client, another of my favorite senior regulars, he came over and we did some mutual oral,  a lot of making out, and then he wanted a prostate massage. He has to admit the orgasm from the prostate massage does come from his toes! He gave me another protein shake! The last client was a regular that hadn’t seen me in a while as he moved up north. He said that he still remembers two years later the sucking I gave him back then. He has dreamed of seeing me again! I was very flattered that he still had what I did for him tucked in the back of his mind. That means I am doing something right! So I did my best not to disappoint this time either. And when he reached his cataclysmic boom, he was floored again! He left with a smile and thanked me for another memory!

On Friday, I had a couple of regulars and a new client, all GFE. The great thing about that day, such great pillow talk, lots of fun subjects, lots of mutual oral, lots of making out or deep French kissing, lots of naked body to body and boy did I get spoiled again! If there could be a replay of a perfect day (other than July 4th), well that would be that day too! It was just a bunch of great clients including the new gentlemen that “fence falled” to see me. I am always grateful when I can get a blog reader to take that extra step out of their comfort zone and take a chance on me. So, yes, a new client to get used to but he has a lot of the same turn ons that I do so it worked out! I had made his toes curl with my oral and he said “What can I do for you”. I layed back and enjoyed his oral talents. He left with a smile and left me with a smile too!

The last client of the day Friday was one of my newer younger clients (his second visit) and I was glad I allowed him to come over. I was kind of tired by that point and almost on the fence at saying no. He came over and after he came in, we talked about the role play he was interested in and then I became “Momma”.  In our role play, he was just home from college and Momma gave him a warm hug. In that warmth, I felt his erection through his pants, my hand rested there. I asked if he needed my help with anything. He laid next to me and admitted he had thought about my mouth on him for a long time. Then Momma went down his body with her warm mouth. Licking and sucking everything I laid my mouth on, first his nipples, then down his belly, to his hardness and his balls and between his thighs. He said he had fantasized this happening since he was in high school. I told him I was a lonely woman looking for love and never finding it. He blew his load in my mouth and part of it was leaking out. Boy did he give it to me! Afterward we had a very nice talk. He is a sweet guy. 

Anyway, I had had a younger millennial new client no show me right before he had called. That is why I was kind of frustrated. I am so tired of the young (this time early 30’s) gentlemen making appointments and then not showing up.  So with the last client in the same age group, it made me feel that there is hope out there as there are some millenials that are thoughtful and responsible. I have just been getting some “duds” lately. 

On Saturday, I had two new clients, both a lot of fun and they finished my week on a high note. The first one was a “millennial” at age 30, a P411 client, an easy verification and he ubered to me for a 90 minute visit from the city. He loves fucking. So yes, I hadn’t been exercised as much so we had some mutual oral and then just wanted to ride Penelope. Being a sort of young buck, I got him back up a second time with my mouth doing lots of licking and sucking of his “Skippy”. Then he rode Penelope a second time and for a second cataclysmic boom! After that, a bit of a break and then a new senior client who had verified weeks before came for a three hour appointment. We just had a wonderful visit with lots of making out, lots of mutual oral, got him to pop in my mouth once, then we worked again at it but finished at 1 and a 1/2. Enjoyed a lot of pillow talk. He also gave me a massage with some great oil he picked up! He admitted he had been on the fence a long time. I am really grateful he took the chance and visited. He has already made his next three hour appointment for two weeks on a Saturday!

Thank you to those gentlemen that tipped me, brought me flowers, wine, gift cards, massage oil, some lingerie and thigh highs. It is always appreciated and never expected.

This week overall was one of the best weeks regarding converting blog readers to being new clients! I don’t know what to attribute it to? I am saying an emotional wholehearted “thank you” to those that fell off the fence and made appointments to meet with me or simply just fell off the fence in advance of wanting to make a future appointment. I also want to thank those regulars that came out this week in support of me when I asked for a good week due to returning from my vacation on the poor side.  A lot had congratulated me on being a new grandmother and wanted to hear about the trip.

That is the best part of me being “Wild Anita” or “Mistress Anita”. I have such great regulars and everyday I get new clients that are extraordinarily wonderful as well.

A nasty gentleman (if it was a gentleman) sent me a contact page message yesterday and said he had just come back from Europe where what I do is legal. He said if it was legal in the U.S., my saggy chubby body would never get any business. He sounds like a sour grape sort and he gave a fake email and phone number so I couldn’t contact him back. Someone like that, he probably is awful in the bedroom. One of those men that just wants to be serviced. I believe that every woman in the business, whether it be a spinner or cover model, or a small saggy breasted and belly BBW like me or even a bigger BBW, well, there are men out there that like all types of bodies. Some men really love big breasts, even if they are enhanced. Some men love skinny athletic women. Some men love big butts (yep, I have one of those). Some really want someone with a full figure, a BBW, that they can hold onto. Some want only natural breasts with long nipples, like I have, even if they sag. I have men that touch and suck my breasts and look at me in wonder in how soft they are.  So yes, there is room in this business for every type of body, not just skinny or athletic barbie dolls. What body one man thinks is sexy, another man may not think is sexy. I realize I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I am a fun, passionately ready, eager and willing woman who loves creativity and mutual play in the bedroom. 

So let’s start this new week with a bang! Come find me!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,