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The Anita Diaries - July 16th thru July 22, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! Hi ho, this wild tigress is still awake and friskier than ever. Tomorrow Monday starts a short week for me, working Monday through Thursday 645am-6:30pm and I am off Friday July 28 thru Sunday July 30th due to taking a little out of town vacation time. Anita leaving town with a friend for the Oshkosh, Wisconsin air show. I'll be doing some camping (for those of you chortling and laughing out loud at that thought, well, I'm joining you on that, he he!). Yes, as you can guess, I look too city girlish but as long as they have working toilets and showers, I'll be okay. I guess I'll just do without the hair dryer and makeup for the weekend. I'll anonymously blend in with everyone (no naked table dancing or anything). Just hoping that the humidy does not keep up because it has been quite ugly in Schaumburg, Illinois as of late. Not quite as bad as St. Louis, Missouri was a couple weeks back when I visited (see a previous blog on that subject). 

Well, the last week has been busier than the prior week, thank you to all the clientele (new and regulars) that visited for all that lascivious attention (I LIKE, I LOVE!).  Yes, quite a few new gentlemen jumped off that fence and verified and lived to tell the tale! A few of my new clients were a little out of breath though, they looked like they needed help to their car when they were leaving. I guess they didn't read the blog or my TER reviews much before they visited. Yes, for a 51 year old babe, I have quite the high energy session. I do turn down the decibal level for those gentlemen that are a bit older though. 

I was so happy to see an 84 year old gentlemen that hadn't seen me at all the prior summer but saw me in summer of 2015. Such a sweet man. No worries gentlemen, he is still alive and kicking, I did not hurt him. I really do turn down the wildness for those that need me to. I remember one TER reviewer said in a review six months ago that he wouldn't be back because I was just too wild for him. If I am ever too much in a session, you only need to tell me to calm it down a bit and I do. It really is your hour or whatever time frame you are with me, I want it to be a memorable time but I obviously want you all to live through it too!

Otherwise, yes, I was at my peak this week in climaxes, I can tell you that. Many got me off every day so when Saturday night rolled around and I was off until tomorrow, well, I was tired. This line a work is high intensity in some respects but always just a lot of fun. I had a 70 something gentlemen spend three hours with me this past Wednesday and yes, it was quite stimulating. He visits often (several times a month at times) and always has it as his priority to get me off in multiples (sometimes up to 10 or 12 times even). Such a sweet man, he is on a break now and will see me in a couple weeks. It will allow me to catch my breath, he he!. 

I had quite a few of my "Originals" (regulars that have been with me since summer 2014) visit me this week as if they all had received some sort of memo asking them to come back. No, I did not send a mass emailing to get them back but it was strange. As I said in my blogs of the past, I am forever grateful to all of these gentlemen for giving me that chance to improve myself before high tailing it and running away. They have been my clients for three years now and I never will forget their kindness. I wasn't the best escort/provider on the skills side of things back in 2014 but I have worked to improve my oral skills (practice makes perfect!) and I am definitely more high energy from 2014 to now in 2017. The time with these classy gentlemen seems to fly when I am with them and lately several have even spent longer sessions, 90 minutes and two hours even in my company. 

I think the trend is that many gentlemen see that yes, I am reasonable in my donations, and they really do want their "cock time" but it isn't easy to make that time on a weekly basis so why not have a once a month or an every two week longer date (of 90 minutes or 2 hours) and get that sensual passionate attention that they miss. Yes, gentlemen, I see the wheels turning in your head as you figure how to list "cock time" into your budget. I suggest you list it as "Skippy" and she'll think you just love peanut butter. It really is easy to put a little aside for that passionate time for yourselves.

Every week take out a little extra from the ATM and all the sudden a month later, you have the extra you need for cock time. Another idea is to open a separate bank account for your "hobby" and just save up from your withdrawals from your other account. Or hide the money in your golf bag. So many gentlemen ask me if I'll take credit cards or gift cards ever and I am sorry, but no. To be honest, I am extremely worried about any monetary trail that the government can see. If you notice, every day the noose appears to be getting tighter and tighter and "big brother" seems to be finding ways to get into our business and into our bedrooms. At least I know "The Donald" wouldn't want to be in my bedroom, he doesn't like chubby women and women above the age of 35. 

I had a few light BDSM sessions this week including a mother/son role play, some prostate massages and strapon (or "pegging") fun. I keep adding to my collection of dildos for the strapon so I think I have a width and length for anyone that is interested. Yes, I do have quite a few GFE clientele that are NOT at all interested in strapon play whatsoever so there is no pressure. I know there is a segment of my clientele that has no interest. I do have some of my clientele that love prostate massages but have not yet graduated to strapon fun but say they may in the future. I just like to tell all that read my blog that I am adding to my collection often and I am getting close to writing another light bdsm blog and including an updated picture of my collection. 

A friend of mine that is in the business noticed the number of TER reviews (link to TER is on every page of my website) of gentlemen that are giving escorts/providers that do covered blowjobs 7's or 8's in performance scores but she said, "Well Anita, you and I go all out to do bareback blowjobs, cum in mouth and swallow and lately we have been only getting "6"s in performance which is average at best!" Yes, I agreed with her, and remember I did write a blog a couple weeks back to remind all of my hobbyiest readers that the "numbers" do matter, and to be fair to those of us that go above and beyond as I know in my sessions I do earn the 8's and 9's in performance. Of course I did bring up "Looks" in my "What do you consider Beautiful?" blog of a couple of days ago and did get some emails from gentlemen saying to not pay any attention to the ignorant gentlemen that sent that email to me and that I was beautiful to them. 

To be honest, I am kind of past the concern on the "looks" end of things. Yes, I have decided not to do the breast lift augmentation surgery based on so many of my regulars telling me that they love my natural breasts and nipples and I have a couple of new gentlemen yesterday (Saturday) that said they were pleasantly surprised when they walked into my townhouse as after my blog regarding beauty the other day, they said I definitely undersell myself. Both said I am very attractive. See gentlemen, looks will always be more subjective. The two gentlemen that reviewed me recently and gave me 5's and 6's in both looks and performance are gentlemen in their 30's.

So to be brutally honest, the younger crowd act like they desire the mature escorts (because we have better skills than the younger providers), but they really want the youthful faces and body's of the younger hot spinner women. So you wonder why I prefer men age 40 and up, well, that is partly the reason, though I always have been attracted to older gentlemen. Another plug for the mature set of gentlemen, boy do they love the two way street! Yes, I have much more "O's with them as well. There have been a few of my client regulars in their 30's that are fantastic lovers but for the most part the mature gentlemen definitely are wonderful in the sack!

Thank you to all the gentlemen that visited this week and brought me my coffee, gave me nice tips, bottles of red wine, candy, lubricant and gift cards. Every week I am always surprised and thankful at the thoughtfulness of my clientele. 

Have a great week, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,