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The Anita Diaries - July 15th thru July 21st, 2018

Good evening all! Yes, your wild tigress is a bit blue. I’m hoping I get a busy part week this week as I am only working until Thursday, July 26th at 1pm in Schaumburg (again a few blocks from Woodfield Mall). I take this business on the chin a lot as some gentlemen are not complimentary towards my looks. Many expect goddesses in this business though. I wish I could be that but I am not. 

So regarding this week I am working Monday thru Wednesday, July 23 thru July 25th 8am through 11pm and Thursday 8am thru 1pm. I am going to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the EAA air show Thursday through Sunday, July 26 through July 29th then I return only to head to Iowa for my son’s campus apartment to see how he has decorated his new place. Staying over until Monday and then returning to start back to work on Tuesday, July 31st.  I have indicated these off days on my calendar/schedule on this website.

So last week the first day of hosting was Monday and I had lots of loving deep French kissers that visited me. It was a trend! I literally made out the whole day and into the evening! The first gentleman was a newly verified client in his 30’s, and boy does he know how to kiss. He told me he really loves the mature ladies (lucky me!). Spent some quality time making out, some mutual oral and then we did some horizontal mambo (he on top) and he burst in the bag! I was able to get him hard again and this time I sucked him dry! After him I had three regulars that all love the deep French kissing. All were mature men in their 50’s! There must have been a memo that was sent out that I did not know about. All the mature men that I see love dining at the table. They kept “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit” quite busy! One of the mature gentlemen that visited was moving to another state and wanted to give me a time to remember me by and boy did he! What a lovely time and yes he got me to come in his mouth! Then he finished in my mouth, yes! The last guy of the night was one of my favorite regulars. He is so hot, with a nice thick “skippy”.  So we did a little bit of everything, lots of making out, some mutual oral, he got me to come in his mouth, then we did some horizontal mambo, first missionary and then doggie and he pulled off condom to come in my mouth. I got him up a second time and he blew in my mouth! It was a lot of protein today!

The first client (in his 30’s) on Tuesday was a newly verified strapon client.  I made him lick and suck me everywhere, then I rode his face, then he sucked my titties some more, then I found a couple of dildos (mid-size), I worked his anus full of lube, then put my strapon on and fucked him from behind, switched dildos size and then he laid on his back and I played with his cock as I continued to fuck him and he blew in my mouth! I had a regular that joined me later on Tuesday. He also loves swimming in my pussy juices! He kept getting me to come in his mouth.  Then I lubed him up and used a strapon on him and fucked him with it. Then got him to come in my hand. The final client of the day was an out of towner that verified a long time ago but it had never worked. He loves kissing so it was a wonderful time making out. We did a lot of naked body to body and then he licked and sucked Cleo, and fingered Penelope! Then he wanted me to finish him oral, lots of spitting on his cock and then he blew in my mouth. I got him up one more time and then he blew in my mouth. What a day for protein!

On Wednesday I had three clients, two spry senior regulars and a newly verified client. One of the spry seniors came over as he craved much physical attention including making out! He loves dining at the Y as well. I did  a lot of edging of his “skippy” and then he continued licking and sucking my clit. Then he finished up with me sucking his “skippy” more and then he blew in my mouth. The second spry senior was the “Pussy Muncher” and he comes over and liplock’s with me for a two hour appointment, gets me to come in his mouth in the double digits (again!) and then I lick and suck his “skippy” at length. We always have a good time together. The final client was a newly verified gentleman in his late 20’s.  He knew that my mouth was awesome before he arrived there so we spent some time kissing, some mutual fun and then he wanted my mouth to take him to oblivion. He ended up blowing in my mouth twice. 

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, a bit of slow days all three.  I am hoping my allure isn’t damaged? Anyway, on Thursday I had one of Jackie’s regulars come to visit me. He is definitely hot blooded! We had to take off each other’s clothes, licked and sucked everything on each other’s bodies and then he wanted to fuck “Penelope” and we did almost every sexual position known to man. It was a lot of aerobic activity! He finally pulled the condom off and blew in my mouth. That was it for Thursday. I did meet a potential new client for coffee in the evening. He provided his identification and business card at the beginning of the meet.  He is an out of towner that comes to the area quite frequently. He said one of our first meets should be the “Dinner and dessert outcall”. I am looking forward to that!

On Friday, I had a couple of clients, one client that had gotten rear ended on the way to see me so he was late. He was super amorous when he arrived, so are clothes discarded quickly, some fucking and then he blew in the bag. I couldn’t get him up a second time though I tried. My mouth sucked and sucked but couldn’t get it to go. Methinks he was thinking about his accident after that. The second gentleman was a client I had seen only a few times in the past several years but he had to admit this hot time was better than any of our hot times before that.  We started with deep French kissing, he went down on me and licked and sucked me, then I went down on him. Then he wanted to fuck so I jumped his bones cowgirl, then he wanted to give me a facial, so he took the condom off, jerked his cock so he could give me a cum beard! I did get some in my mouth too though.

On Saturday, just a couple of clients, both are favorite regulars. The first client came over for a quick GFE time and then he fucked my mouth, then he asked to fuck “Penelope”, then he blew in the bag. The second senior gentleman is one of my newer regulars, it was his second time visiting for three hours. He sees me now twice a month for three hours. We have such a pleasurable time! He loves pleasing and loves me pleasing him too! We always have a great make-out session that starts our time and just continuing with mutual pleasure. He got me to come too, using his finger inside me and lots of suction to the clitoris. Pretty awesome. He went ahead and made his appointments through the end of October. 

Thank you to those clients that gave tips, candy, flowers and a negligee. It is never expected but always appreciated.

So I am again hoping for a good business week, gentlemen! I seek my regulars and newly verified gentlemen to join me! You don’t want me whining during the week again.  Good news is I am hosting in a beautiful clean hotel. I love this one!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,