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The Anita Diaries - January 7th thru January 13th, 2018

Good evening, gentlemen, your playful, nympho wild tigress stopping in to give you the good and bad from the prior week. As I posted last week, it is was a bit slow early on. I entertained a couple of gentlemen on Tuesday but I didn’t get that many clients until Thursday through Saturday.

On Tuesday, I met a younger 34 year old gentlemen around 5pm and  I will say that I think he is the one on TER (Chicagogodfather) that gave me a review last week in which he gave me a 6 in Performance and said that although I had great oral skills, he wouldn’t be back because I wasn’t his type. I ask all of you this, why do gentlemen come see me and find out I am not his type? I put it all out there on the table that I am not spinner or cover model, I am a mature chubby/bbw GFE GILF. My pictures are not photoshopped. So I ask gentlemen to not come and see me if you do TER reviews and prefer the spinner/cover model types. As I said, I always aim for 8 or 9 in performance and it ticks me off that I am made to pay for my looks in my performance score. I so needed to get that off my chest. 

Now, for the fun three days of Thursday through Saturday. I had coffee with a St. Charles mature provider on Thursday morning and we may be teaming up for a double at some point. Her name is Lauren and she hosts in St. Charles, Illinois at a hotel usually. We had a wonderful visit and I believe at the very least we will be friends.  It is nice to have friends in the business as it can be a very lonely existence. I will keep all of my blog readers advised as to when we will team up. Both her and I are working on getting more updated pictures taken so it may not be until February after we have the new pictures posted. We are very similar in personality and backgrounds (both of us came into this business late in life from the business world) so I believe we’d make a great team. I can’t really say if it will be a “dream team” until her and I discuss more of our preferences.

For the remainder of Thursday, I will say that I had some fun new clients. It was a day of passionate deep french kisses, lots of oral (the two way street) including DATY, DATO, bodies merging into one, lots of naked body to body and massaging. One senior gentlemen drove quite far to visit me for a ninety (90) minute visit and I really appreciated it. He really perked my week up as he was a gentlemen that had screened/verified over a year ago and it just never worked out in the timing. He had a great personality and boy he loved to kiss and wanted me to boss him around and make him do my bidding. I will say I made him worship my entire body.  I badly needed it after kind of being left alone for several days. After he left, one of my favorite quieter senior regulars joined me for a visit. He lives near the airport so I always appreciate that he takes the trip to visit to me as the traffic in my area is a bit daunting.

The last visitor of the day was a new client that was in the area strictly due to a seminar and likely won’t be back but we had a wonderful time together. He is a hot, handsome middle aged Rockford based businessman that has a huge sexual appetite. Most of you gentlemen can only hope to have sex multiple times a day. He has sex with his wife multiple times a day and still loves to “hobby” with a provider every so often just for variety purposes. He came multiples with me and made me come several times as well! Wild Anita, the wild tigress, found her match with that one! I will say it was the most sexercise I have had since before my right knee replacement surgery. Yes, the knee held up quite well, thank you!

On Friday, I had a couple of my favorite regulars and a newly verified client. The regulars were both GFE clients that love passionate kissing, DATY and my oral bareback blowjob cum in mouth. The newly verified client was shy and admitted he has frequented the asian massage places (that provide the happy endings) but not escort providers so I took my time, gave him a massage, he reciprocated a bit to me with massage which is always nice, then I showed him why the storefront asian massage places are okay in a pinch but definitely more impersonal than being with this wild tigress. He seemed to love my rimming and oral bareback blowjob cum in mouth skills. I thanked him for bravely screening/verifying with me as he said he normally does not feel comfortable revealing that kind of personal information asked for but since he had read enough reviews about me as well as my blog, he took a chance. He said he was very happy with our time together and enjoyed our talk. I thoroughly enjoy the talks I have with the gentlemen that visit. It helps the gentlemen to calm down and feel more comfortable with me.

On Saturday, I had three great regulars join me on the first day of my revised schedule. I am now hosting on Saturdays 10am through 9pm at my townhouse. Again, a great time was had by all and I ended my week with several orgasms and some great protein shakes! The senior gentlemen that comes to visit every couple of weeks from Wrigley Field area finished my day off well. He loves passionate kissing of both sets of lips and DATY, in which he enjoys his worshipping of Penelope the Pussy and Cleo the Clit. On Saturday I was a bit tired so I ended up taking a nap between clients. Nothing wrong with enjoying a “siesta” as I definitely needed it.

In the midst of all my hosting this week, I still had to attend my three physical therapy appointments and do my knee strengthening exercises between clients. I have three more physical therapy appointments this coming week and then I am officially on my own, doing my exercises both at home and at a nearby health club. The sixty (60) days since my knee replacement surgery has passed quickly! I am off of all pain medications and simply am taking the over the counter Ibuprofin. The good news is that I can now have an occasional glass of red wine. 

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips, gift cards, flowers, coffee and chocolate last week.

Please note that tomorrow Monday, January 15th I will be hosting at a Schaumburg hotel near Woodfield Mall from 9am through 11pm. Those of you looking to cuddle to warm each other up and prefer night appointments, this is one of the few evenings that I am hosting late until 11pm.  I will need to verify/screen new clients (via screening form, contact form, email or text) but those regulars of mine that complain of my bankers hours and want to visit me in the evening, tomorrow, Monday, is your chance! 

Have a great week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,