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The Anita Diaries - January 2nd thru January 6, 2018

Good evening, gentlemen, it’s been a wild week between the sheets for this wild tigress. It was my first week back since I came back for a short stint in December and my family came in town for the holidays. I had a proper mix of GFE ("Girlfriend Experience") gentlemen, many regulars and a few new clients as well as a couple of new light bdsm/prostate massage clients. Did I lead some of the gentlemen to that prostate orgasm that leads from the toes all the way up? Yes, I sure did. Some men really love it and others are not so sure. They prefer that full GFE experience and boy do they put a smile on this wild tigress face! I am always thrilled with my DATY clientele as they always seek to wow me on an every session basis. Yes, the pussy muncher came back and gave me lots of smiles and full wild abandon.

Overall, many regulars including some of my “originals” (2014 clientele) joined me in my parlor. I have to admit, I had some concerns early on that I might have difficulty orgasming because of the pain medication but no worries on that issue.  I did get to the doctor early on to make sure my kidney infection was gone and it is, thankfully. I am attending ATI physicial therapy sessions three times a week (mostly early in the day appointments) until the end of January so many that are trying to see me early in the day will only have one or two days of the five days to set appointments that it will work that way.  Otherwise, my weekly appointments start 9:30am and onward until 7pm (last appointment 6pm). In February, I will be back to having a lot of selection with Monday thru Friday appointments 6:30am thru 7pm, and Saturdays 10am thru 8pm.

What surprised me and made me so thankful is the “regulars” that continue to come back and see me and give me great business.  I only had a few new clients this week as the remainder were all regulars. I did verify some new clients (thank you to those that screened with me this week) but most of them are for future dates and future weeks, not for the first week. 

I do appreciate those gentlemen that verify ahead of when they come to town as so many miss the point. If you call or text me for an appointment and you have not verified/screened yet, I have to put you at the back of the list because you have not done what you need to do to make me feel secure and safe. It is much better to verify/screen in advance of any appointments so when you are in the area, I can put you more to the front of the list. 

So everyday, many regulars, lots of orgasms, many passionate clinches, lots of deep french kisses and naked body to body. I even did some dancing with one regular. I had a few gentlemen want to give me DATO in addition to DATY and as you know this wild tigress is known for my rimming skills.  I fully enjoy whatever I get from a gentlemen and I don’t ask for it. I just wait for the gentlemen to express what they really want to do to me. 

A first this week, an outcall one evening to a north suburb for a gentlemen that wanted a “Dinner and Dessert” outcall appointment. See my Rates page where that service is quoted. For those of you that have an interest in outcall,  my preference is the out of towner that has a hotel room but because this gentlemen had seen me as an incall (my place) back in November, I did go to his home. He took me to dinner nearby and we had a wonderful three hours of fun, naked body to body and deep french kissing with lots of mutual orgasms. I totally loved it and I will miss him as he told me he is moving.

For those desiring outcalls, you must verify/screen ahead of time (24 hour or longer notice preferred) to set an outcall appointment. When I receive calls asking for these kinds of services same day, without screening ahead, it is much easier for me to hang up on them because I don’t have the patience for the gentlemen that doesn’t plan ahead. 

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips, chocolates, flowers, gift cards and wine this week!

I do have a lot of openings this upcoming week: January 8th thru January 13th. I look forward to a lot of sensual, passionate frolic with my regulars and newly verified clientele. I am working this week Monday through Saturday. My hours on Saturday, January 13th are longer: 10am through 8pm. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,