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The Anita Diaries - January 28th thru February 4th, 2018

Hello all, it has been one wild, sexy, passionate week full of I don’t remember how many deep French kisses or naked body to body rubbing happened but I do know there was a lot. I started the week on Monday with some newly verified clientele, a bunch of gentlemen that wanted this mature GFE to provide all the passion they have been missing. A couple of sweet senior gentlemen came to see me on Monday and they enjoyed kissing me and I deep kissed them back as well as are bodies totally naked to naked and hands and mouths everywhere.

I am the first to tell you that those GFE passionate clinches are my most favorite sessions because I love the physical interaction and the usual pleasant and friendly get to know you conversation thereafter. I think the reason so many gentlemen “fall off the fence” to pick me is the kindness, love and caring that I show to them. I don’t treat them like a client even though they are. We quickly become old friends so that when they do come back they feel totally comfortable for any returns they make to me.

Toward the middle of the day on Monday I had a new prostate/strapon client join me in my boudoir. He looked pretty shy but I quickly relaxed him with some light chatter and as is the pattern with any of my light BDSM/prostate massage clientele, we always have an initial talk regarding what they are looking for in the session. He simply wanted my combined GFE/strapon hour, nothing too crazy or painful (yes, there are some of my light BDSM clientele that want pain). So the initial passionate clinches and kisses, and we worked our way into toys being used on him, the prostate massage. He definitely enjoyed the session but he decided after the prostate massage that he would like to wait on the strapon for a future session. He definitely was a “virgin” regarding the prostate experience so he wanted to take it easy.

My last visitor on Monday was a returning new “regular” gentlemen (as he had only seen me once before, two weeks prior). He has had a real difficult time with a couple of losses in his life and had some time off from work to recover. I think he is enjoying our sessions, he loves the deep French kissing and passion as well as my mouth on “Skippy”. We usual finish with a nice chat and a hug and kiss goodbye.

On Tuesday, I had an early visitor with a light BDSM regular senior client, a “Snowbird” that was up for a short visit but heading back down south for the remainder of the winter. He loves to be spanked and prieviously loved the golden shower but wanted me to do something different this time. He wanted me to pee into a container and force him to drink it. That wasn’t a problem, I did exactly as he asked. He likes more pain inflicted during the session on his balls, cock and ass. Cock and ball torture and harsh spanking was the order of the day. I gave him his “reward” at the end. 

One of my favorite Wisconsin regulars came to see me for a 90 minute GFE session and as usual I do get him off twice orally but in between he loved worshipping my body, licking and sucking on my titties, the “twins”, and on “Cleo the Clit” and “Penelope the Pussy”.  He is a very shy man, but we have built up more of a rapport so he shares more with me now. More pillow talk than in prior meetings.

I also had a “irish guy” join me for the lunch hour Tuesday and I could tell that he wasn’t attracted to me at all and after I checked, he definitely is a TER VIP (“very Important person”, one that writes reviews regarding Escort Providers and in some cases get’s a free VIP as long as he writes two provider reviews a month. ). He mainly wanted me to lick his body, suck on his cock and rim him.

Some TER VIP’s are just curious about me enough to want to visit just to see what all of the hysteria over me is about and I am guessing he won’t be back. What really bothers me when the “superficial” TER VIP’s visit is that they really want the tight spinner bodies, big breasts and cover model faces, but think they must “slum” it once in awhile. I frankly believe even though I might be more of a bargain as a provider, my heart, passion, realness and honesty makes up for what I lack in not being a spinner.

As these gentlemen only look at the exteriors and don’t try to get to know me, I fully know I will get hung out to dry on the review end of things. When I serviced him down south, I noticed that he hadn’t showered before joining me and he expected I would rim him. I told him I can’t do that unless he takes a shower. So he ventured into my bathroom and took care of that part of things so I finished him off with some rimming and further sucking of his cock until he came in mouth and I swallowed.

I did see another new senior client on Wednesday, a two hour GFE client and we had a wonderful deep French kissing, body smacking, lots of foreplay, and then he came in mouth in the end. I really enjoyed my time with him and hope he comes back.

On Thursday, I spent most of the day downtown in Chicago with my photographer for my photo shoot. I hope by now all of you have ventured over to the “PHOTOS” page and have looked at my new picture that were taken on Thursday, February 1st. What I love about my photographer is that she let’s me show all different sides of myself through the pictures, the elfish grin that I get, the secretive smile that I show at times, and the enthusiasm that I totally put into my work. There isn’t anyone that works harder than me in the pleasing aspect of a man. My regulars all know that when they have an appointment with me, they are the “King of the Hour” (or longer period of time).

I’m skipping over Friday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 4th as I will write a separate article just on the doubles sessions with SexyAss Jackie. I will write about those sessions on Tuesday night for you all (I know, you all have been waiting already a couple of days). 

On Saturday, I had a couple of regulars and a new client, all GFE hour appointments. The first gentlemen had been with me once back in 2014 but found me again in 2017. He had to admit I have improved greatly in services from where I started out at in 2014. Since he likes me to share details of my sessions to get him aroused, I mentioned to him that he might like to do roleplays with me and he said he would like that the next time he joined me. My last client of the day was a new client, a gentlemen in his early 30’s, but very passionate. I know I usually don’t take them that young but he is military so I felt he definitely seemed to be more mature. Boy, was he hot in the sack! I guess my body started responding as he was able to elicit quite the passionate response. I did get him to cum in my mouth and then we tried for round two via intercourse (he gave me a nice pounding) but he wasn’t able to climax the second time. Hoping he takes the ride to visit me again.

That finishes the regular appointments for the week. I will be writing the “Doubles” part of the week tidbits tomorrow Tuesday night.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,