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The Anita Diaries - January 16th through 20th

The second full week back. When I mentioned in last weekend's post (Anita's notes from the first week back) that I wished more of my regular's had visited me, well they read it alright. So many came out this week Monday through Friday including during hotel days (Tuesday and Wednesday, hotel near Woodfield Mall) and throughout the week and a few of mine visited when I did doubles with Amy on Thursday. It was wonderful just to have the comraderie, great conversation and some passion with some familiar clients. I also had quite a few new clients that communicated that they'd definitely be back for more fun with Anita.

There was some chemistry with one particular age 40's gentlemen that was so sweet. He brought me a new purple blouse and scarf (he had asked my favorite color before he came for a visit) and we had a nice talk before we got down to some passionate business. He kept telling me between passionate kisses that it was his mission for him to be my favorite client! After he climaxed three times, I was kind of hoping I'd be his favorite escort, he he! Wow, what a session, a protein shake and almost every position! He was my last client at 9:30pm on Wednesday night so I was exhausted after. Many of you know I only do nights two nights a month. It took care of any chance I would have insomnia that night.

On another note, my physical therapy for my ankle/foot is progressing (I go late day on Monday and Wednesdays indefinitely) but still no clearance to wear nylons and shoes/heels. I am still wearing an ugly boot out when I walk but during hosting sessions it is black socks on my feet covering my bandaged foot. Doctor said clearance to wear shoes likely will be around February 8th for those that the nylons, thigh highs and heels are mandatory to make their sessions go well. 

I had quite a few that wanted a visit on the weekend but unfortunately I had some plans this weekend that kind of took that out of reach. I did tell some of my regulars that I do periodically have some time between 1230pm and 6pm on Saturdays. I don't advertise it but they are free to check in via text or phone with me should they have an opening and are able to get away then.

I will be honest though in that I have quite a few new gentlemen that haven't even gone through verifying with me try to slip in on Saturdays and to them I will say this. My regulars and verified potential clients are my PRIORITY. If you haven't taken the time to complete the screening form or send an email with the information and/or attachments I request for verification (reading my screening form will give you what I am looking for), I won't likely respond to you when you request a Saturday appointment.

If you screen ahead of Saturdays then when you want an appointment on that day, I will be more interested in scheduling with you. In other words, don't wait for the last minute to verify. Otherwise, existing regular clients get the Saturday appointments.

Now onto the next week, let's make it a great one!

Hugs and kisses,