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The Anita Diaries - January 14th thru January 20th, 2018

Good evening, everyone. Your frisky wild tigress checking in and writing my weekly update. I do enjoy providing hot, horny details of the week. On Monday, Martin Luther King day, I hosted at a Schaumburg area hotel because I had a contractor at my place doing some work. It was a nice day of frisky GFE gentlemen joining me and yes, I had non-stop make-out sessions, my favorite! Yippee!

I had a couple of cancellations that kind of colored it so for being a holiday with evening hours at a hotel, it wasn’t that great of a day. I did expect a bit better with all the gentlemen that complain I don’t have evening hours and when I do, they don’t contact me. Being a snowy day may have effected it, as I opted to not sleep over and when I was driving back to my place, I noticed the number of cars off to the side, some having driven up over curbs or had slid into ditches. I am not the best driver but I never do multiple things while driving like so many do so I do what I can not to slide around or into other cars or ditches.

On Tuesday and Friday, I had my last Physical Therapy sessions so I have officially graduated. My right knee is doing well and I am working out at an area health club to finish up my rehabilitation. They were trying to keep me at ATI for a couple more weeks but I was ready to “cut the cord”. They were just milking it and I am not about to stay there and create more bills that I have to pay.

The remainder of the week was pretty slow other than Friday and Saturday. On Tuesday, I had a new client and an “regular” original senior client. The senior client has been a regular of mine since 2014. A sweet senior gentlemen that has to limit his visits due to economics but he seems to enjoy his visits when he is able to get over to see me. I had a new client that seemed to enjoy the hot makeout sessions. He had been through a lot in his personal life and really enjoyed spending time with me as well as the conversation after the act. He had sent me a message in the evening afterwards saying how much fun he had and that he appreciated that I took the time to really listen to him. He said that he would be back to visit soon. 

On Wednesday, there was no one so I had a lot of time on my hands. Lately it seems that hump day really isn’t hump day for gentlemen. I am itching to hump and there is no one to be found! On Thursday, I had one of my regulars come over for my lunch hour appointment and he is always delicious, we always have frantic, passionate sex, hands and mouths everywhere, tearing off each others clothes and lots of naked, body to body writhing. He always aims to get me off with DATY and then he gave me a fantastic lunch time protein shake. It seemed like everyone wanted the lunch hour appointments but no one wanted any other time so I had just the one client that day.

On Friday and Saturday, I had three client’s each day. Again, pretty much all GFE, lots of naked body to body contact. On Friday, I enjoyed for my first client, a new client, a gentlemen that really loves the two way street, he worked at kissing both sets of “lips” and he enjoyed the twins, and Penelope the Pussy and Cleo the Clit. We worked on each other, stimulating with lots of deep french kissing, massaging, DATY, DATO and he loved hearing how he was effecting me. He definitely is a pleaser just like me so we got along very well! He did tell me a story of a time that he was burned by another provider as he had gotten to her place and she told him that GFE was a lot more, $600 for the hour (sounds like a bait and switch), so he went home to get the extra money and when he got back, she had a whole bunch of rules that made the remainder of the session not worth it. It was enough of a bad experience that he was reluctant to fall off the fence but he admitted that this Wild Tigress was definitely worth falling off the fence for. He contacted me afterwards to say that he had a wonderful time and would be back.

On Friday afternoon, I met another new client, a middle aged businessman, that loves taking his time so he spent ninety (90) minutes of frantic coupling, make out sessions and body to body. He seemed to really enjoy himself and said he would be back. He gave me a great protein shake that held me over until my last “regular” client that came to see me on his way home from work.

On Saturday, there were three clients, two “regulars” clients and a new client. The new client enjoyed the make-out sessions and stimulating me. He found the sweet areas in my clit area that made me cum over and over again. He has the gift of oral! One of my client’s was a much younger guy, he was very tasty and enjoyed getting me off before I worked at getting him off. He almost popped twice, some time being sucked by me, and took a ride on Penelope the Pussy for the last time. He had me facing him with my ass in the air as he fucked me doggie from behind. The last client was another one of my senior regulars that is always passionate, lots of make-out sessions, he worked at getting me off twice orally and then wanted the prostate massage. He was quite shaken by the effects of it although I warned him that the prostate massage usually provides a powerful orgasm. He took his time getting off the bed as he was afraid his legs might collapse.

I spent Sunday relaxing and doing some shopping. I have to say that I had an okay week but I was surprised at the number of cancellations. I am a pretty patient provider but I do depend on that money so please provide as much notice of cancellation as you can if you have to cancel. Less than an hour notice doesn’t allow me enough time to fill the vacancy so I am out that money.

I did buy a leash for my Light BDSM collection and with adding the new wood paddle and some larger dildos, I did take a picture of my collection so those of you that are interested, see my prior blog. 

Thank you to those that gave me tips this past week as well as coffee, gift cards, wine and chocolate. This wild tigress does appreciate my clients generosity and thoughtfulness.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,