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The Anita Diaries Jan 30 - Feb 4th, 2017

Well, gentlemen, overall a pretty good week for this lascivious hussy. Some regulars and a few new clients joined me for some multiple hour romps. I do enjoy the gents that visit me for multiple hours as it really allows us to have enough oral time as well as Anita's pussy gets nicely banged. I said to a gentleman the other day that the downside to having such fantastic oral skills is that my pussy does get neglected quite a bit. Well a few gents later in the week gave me quite a long bang so it wasn't neglected much this week at all. Looking forward to this week for more juiciness! I do love leaky pre-cum. Yum, it's the preliminary to the delicious protein shake!

I did have a slower Thursday (only 1 client) though and not too many joined me for a Saturday romp (only 2 clients) so I guess the Backpage adult entertainment section being taken down is finally starting to effect my business. I did add in some more advertisements (I renewed my ads on Eros, Date Check, P411 and RS2K and also added in new ads on CityVibe, Slixa and I am hoping the "hobbyists" figure out that most of the escorts are now posting ads on Backpage (dating area) Women Seeking Men and Escort Babylon (milfs over 40 in Chicago).  

Last week I did get good news that I could get rid of the boot I had to wear on my left foot and I can wear regular nylons and thigh highs again. Still have a couple more months of physical therapy for my left ankle/foot but at least the worst of what I have gone through post ankle surgery is over. 

A little upset that so many are afraid to verify with me. I am being pretty up front and honest here in this blog. I don't use men's information for bad and I do purge once I get gents verified. I don't contact men at their businesses, I don't contact men at home in front of wives or girlfriends or their children. I do want the business. No, I don't want another husband. Really, who needs more dirty socks? I really just want my time paid for (so I can pay my bills) and to passionately kiss you (for those that like that), suck your cock and swallow your load, fuck you and send you home to wifey and your family or send you back to your workplace if you are here before work or for a nooner/lunch hour without the burger (at least I have big buns, ha ha!). It's that simple. No drama here. My dog Belle and my cat Mittens are enough for me otherwise. 

Anyway, starting my new diet tomorrow, hoping to take off whatever holiday weight gained as well as the final 35 pounds after that. Those of you that are my regulars know that I have lost a lot of weight over time but it has been a struggle of which I am NOT giving up. I know I am not the spinner most want but my enthusiasm and tigress hunger in the bedroom, well, hope some of you that haven't gotten the courage up will give me a shout out soon. Looking forward to this week. Hoping I get more of my regulars back as well as some new clients. Friday, Feb 10th is doubles day with Sexyass Jackie in Naperville (she is at a Naperville hotel), hours 11am-11pm. Donations $280 hour, $220 half hour. We have a fun time with the gents and each other! Hugs and kisses,