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The Anita Diaries - February 25th thru March 3rd, 2018

Hello everyone! Last week was a great week for this wild tigress. I had enough business to carry the week that I only really took one appointment on Saturday late afternoon as I was so thrilled that the sun was out and just enjoyed being out in the sunlight.  I had some shopping to do for my future grandchild with which I will be enjoying having my kids in town for the baby shower this coming weekend. 

On Monday, I had a couple of clients, both new that fell off the fence and verified recently. One gentlemen that loves to kiss and just enjoyed the mutual oral and naked body to body. The other gentlemen wanted the GFE, lots of kissing, mutual oral and also a prostate massage (which is part of the light BDSM package). It was a pleasure meeting with them and I do believe they will be back. I always strive to convert my new clientele to “regulars” even though some of them admit they only “hobby” on a period every few months basis versus often. That’s quite fine by me as I understand the demands of the workplaces as well as some gentlemen prefer it to be a “treat” for them that they put money aside periodically for so it isn’t obvious to anyone else watching their bank accounts. 

On Tuesday afternoon, I had a long lost regular GFE client (who hadn’t seen me since I moved to Schaumburg two years ago) and a new GFE client that had verified six months ago and just so happened to be able to work out a visit. Both very scintillating hot sessions of lots of deep French kissing, naked body to body, a lot of mutual oral, yes, “Penelope the Pussy” was quite happy and my body enjoys the dining at the Y and O that gentlemen love to do to me. I also reciprocate with lots of sloppy wet bareback blow jobs and licking and sucking, shaft work and plenty of edging. One of the two gentlemen loved the rimming I did to him (the other wasn’t as into that), and both loved the oral final cataclysmic boom and provided me my treasured protein shakes. 

On Wednesday, I had three clients, a 90 minute newly verified GFE client early in the day at my 6:30am appointment, another new GFE client in the afternoon and a GFE regular client to finish my day. My new clients seem to enjoy themselves immensely, getting to know “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit” and just enjoying the deep French kissing, my make-out sessions and naked body to body. The men seemed to also enjoy the conversation and just the no rush attitude that I have with my clientele. I give them their time, the sensual passion that they are missing, the conversations and lots of attention to “Skippy”, rimming and fingering them and just pressing their buttons until they can’t take it anymore! I also always try for “pop 2” even if it doesn’t necessarily always work. Men love the softness of my mouth. If I happen to be low on moisture in my mouth (caffeine is a bit dehydrating), I always have lube around to add. The new gentlemen wanted a ride on “Penelope” and I was just all too ready since so many men just want my mouth. Lots of positions, doggie, the modified missionary with gentlemen standing at edge of the bed and fucking me in downward motion, the spoon position, Cowgirl with me on top (yee haw!) and back to regular missionary. I don’t mind regular missionary as it is easy to passionately kiss then. I finished the day with a regular wanting a couple of blowjobs, and yes, I did get him off twice. He is a regular masturbator and knew it was possible for a couple pops within an hour even though he is in his 50’s. 

On Thursday, I had a newly verified client who traveled two hours to see me for an hour light BDSM appointment. I was very flattered and he seemed to enjoy himself. We did the combo of the GFE, lots of deep French kissing, body to body, and he gave “Penelope” and “Cleo” quite the welcome, yep, a couple of orgasms that I enjoyed, then I introduced myself to “Skippy” and did some rimming, and fingering of him and we graduated into strap-on play. His orgasm was cataclysmic alright. He said it was worth the drive!  The second appointment was a “doubles” as a senior gentlemen brought another provider along and we did a double! She prefers to be under the radar so I can’t mention her name but he used to see her more for a lot of years and she is sort of semi-retired now. Yes, her and I did some kissing, petting, tittie and pussy playing and he got mighty “hot” when he was licking my pussy and she was mounting him. I had a regular after that that loves butt play and my mouth on “Skippy”. He is always generous with the “protein”. My last client of the day was a newly verified out of towner that came over from his hotel near O’Hare and spent a lovely GFE passionate appointment with me. All I can say is “Wow” is he orally talented and boy did I love licking my pussy juices off his face! He loved my oral talents as well. We did some horizontal mambo with many positions and then he ripped the condom off and came in mouth. What an explosive delicious ending that was! He said he comes into Chicago a few times a year so he will look me up the next time. 

On Friday, I had three regulars and a newly verified client, all GFE lovers, come to see me.  I had plenty of “O”s that day. The first client loves to come by for both lots of oral and fucking, and he ended in my mouth after a couple of positions, and ripped the condom off for the finale. The second client was more “about himself” so no “O”s for that one but the third and fourth were great kissers, love the deep French kissing with both, lots of mutual oral, lots of body to body touching, rubbing, plenty of massaging and then “Skippy” time. My last client of the day also did some horizontal mambo on “Penelope”, he loves doggie because he loves squeezing my ass. Boy do I love a man squeezing my ass. That’s the highlight of my day! Well, that and the big “O”s!

On Saturday, I just had the one regular light BDSM client, he is a cross dresser that comes over and likes to wear women’s underwear, wore mine for awhile that day and I did some spanking, role play, I gave him a golden shower and then fucked him with various sizes of dildos using my strap-on, he finally blew at the end, he couldn’t hold it back!

I’ve been contacted a little more often from women and men both regarding “Couples” play with me. For couples to visit me, I have a policy that both the woman and the man have to verify/screen with me, preference is for them to each use the Appointment Request form and complete it, I need from both proof that they have jobs preferably (Pic of business card, work badge, LinkedIN Url or work website url) and a picture of their ID (address and DL number marked out is fine). It is very common for law enforcement to set traps for escort providers by acting like they are a couple (but instead are male and female police officers) so I am a bit more strict in my screening/verification of couples than I am even of my new male clients (though I am sure some gentlemen would argue that I am the same way for both). So although I am open to entertaining couples, the proper safety steps have to be taken. I have proven that I am willing to passionately deep French kiss women, lick and suck their nipples and lick their pussies. I have to admit, women have pretty soft tongues!

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips this week as well as coffee, candy and flowers. It is never expected and always appreciated!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,