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The Anita Diaries - Feb 27 through March 4th

Well, gents, the week was absolutely SCINTILLATING! Thank you to all that came and licked and tasted and passionately kissed Wild Anita! And those that rode Wild Anita fast and furiously, allowing me to flex my vaginal muscles! Thank goodness for those kegel exercises!! Oh my gosh, some passionate gents! Some really handsome mature ones travelled from near and far (as far as Boston, some from southern Illinois, some from the South and South West, some from far north Suburbs). We are talking multiple hour appointments galore and Anita spent quite a bit of time on her knees licking and sucking balls and enjoying cocks deep into her mouth, he he! Lots of cum too. Some sprayed all over me (darnit, lost the protein!). I had a splash of champagne earlier in the week along with some whip cream in strawberries (the whip cream in some wonderful places) with one and a splash of wine on Saturday night with another. Such wonderful hotties and me! Also, did some toy prostate play on some gents as well as some strap-on play. 

Yes, I am getting stronger every day, thank you to a great physical therapist who is helping me get more limber too! The ankle is much stronger and less pain. I am so grateful that I had new gents visit that very willingly verified with me and placed their trust in the fact that I am a real level headed escort that has it all together. I am not a crack head (no drugs for me), I do not extort money or have a pimp waiting at my place. I am honest and open and even though I am not the perfect body. In fact very imperfect. But my enthusiasm knows no bounds. Those of you that pay the large amounts for the spinners, well, that's okay if you prefer that. But I am the real deal and I am not an actress. 

Every day I am grateful for my regulars, I will say it again, I appreciate you all! I don't forget those that were with me from 2014 when I was awful at this. They stayed with me. Super hugs and kisses for them.

Regarding the upcoming week, looking forward to spending time with Amy Double EE Wednesday (hosting hours 3pm-11pm) and Thursday (hosting hours 9am-11pm) at a very nice Oak Brook hotel. We will have our own rooms so should gentlemen prefer just to have one of us, that is possible though we will primarily be hosting together for doubles. 

There are a lot of you out there with some bad experiences in years past with doubles and are rolling your eyes as to how it works. Well, here goes: Amy has a gigantic rack, on her petite frame. I have just an average droopy rack with great nipples. You can do russian on her better than you can on me so yes, more entertainment to be had. We both have very good mouths, I swallow, she spits. We both love our pussies licked (If you like to do that sort of thing). We both love to kiss and fuck. True GFEs!. We both love to chat and banter with you. I haven't had any real complaints from anyone that has seen us that they haven't gotten a TON of ATTENTION.

I mean, it's a smorgasporg of lips, tits, pussies, butts and legs...We are totally ready to entertain you full throttle. For those of my regulars, give me a call or text. For those of you needing to verify, let's get going on the process so I can get you scheduled. Choice of emailing me, using my screening form or a text.

if you text me, it must be to verify, not ask "Are you available?" or "Are you two available?" I'm sorry, but I have little patience for those that don't understand the process. Texting is normally for setting appointments but to be ready to set an appointment, both Amy and I must feel secure that the new gentlemen are not law enforcement or a serial killer or something in between (Yes, the bigger risk will always be to the escort, though I totally get the concern over extortion, being arrested or robbed). 

Hugs and kisses,