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The Anita Diaries Feb 20-Feb 26th

Hi gents, this week stretched out Monday thru Sunday,  3 clients per day except for Saturday (only 2 - where are you weekend romance lovers?) and one today (I know I don't host Sundays usually but my friend Amy 34 Double EE (formerly of Des Plaines, now in Schaumburg) and I entertained a double as her apartment this afternoon after we had a spa morning session of facials, makeup and hair. Boy was HE suprised. He only wanted Amy initially but Amy convinced him that I am pretty good too!

Pretty much mostly regulars and a few new gents this week. I will say it again, I am always grateful that my regulars find me and grateful that some new gents were willing to lightly screen and come see me. As far as I know no one had a bad time, many of my new visitors expressed interest in visiting again, and many were quite surprised at how insistent I was for my cock in mouth syndrome. I did get to be wild nasty Anita for a couple of gents that wanted spankings and some strapon or toy prostate play.

I get the best of all worlds in my life. I can be who (whatever role) I want to be in the bedroom at any given time, I get as much cum (or protein shakes) as I want and I get lots of deep french kisses, DATY, and just lots of sensual pleasures all over my body. Heck, I have the best job in the whole world! 

Hah! Think of that tomorrow as you all are behind your desks feeling awfully uncomfortable when skippy just wants to escape those tight hanes you have gripping over him! Now don't waste that hot cum in those hanes..

Anyway, on that note gents, have a great new week! This wild Anita is needing all sorts of stimulation, don't forget me!

Hugs and kisses,