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The Anita Diaries Feb 13th - Feb 16th

This past week was a quiet one, gents. I am guessing some of it is because of romance that you were showing your wives or significant others for the Valentine's Day holiday? I had a couple of days of good business but overall a bit of a disappointment. I ended early though since my son who is the Army Sergeant joined me for a Friday through Sunday visit with his pitbull mix, Lilly. Grandma Anita enjoyed the time with her grandpup, lots of frolic between her and my pup Belle. My kitty Mittens was a little put out about it but he found a safe high place to rest. Also, lots of shopping, out to eats and bonding time with Son #1. He's a good strong ambitious guy. So happy he opted to stay in the Army and work for the government for four more years. He might stay in the 20 years but I guess alot depends on what happens in the next four years. He currently has 7 years in already. 

But even though a slow week last week, Anita doesn't get down over it. I really don't. I want gentlemen to visit me and especially my regulars but lightly screened new gents also welcomed. This horny harlot needs lots of hungry kisses, licks and sucking and fucking to keep her going. I know it takes alot for older gentlemen to feel if they are ready to join me or not. I mean work and home stresses, some of it is too much. Who knows how skippy will react to Anita's hungry sucking? It can freak him out a bit, I am sure. 

On a good note, physical therapy is heating up and I am doing better in my walking. I do have a lot more energy and my ankle healing is going better. I do have moments of limping but overall getting back to normal. Normal enough to take some long walks at the end of the week with my grandpup Lilly and my pup, Belle. 

So hoping this week Feb 20th through Feb 25th (yes, I am hosting on Saturday 12pm-7pm) is a better week business wise. Rubbing my clit, hoping it sends signals to some of my horny gents out there, he he!

Hugs and kisses,