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The Anita Diaries - August 5th thru August 11th, 2018

Hello all! Well, I hope I haven’t annoyed my fans with my “I am here waiting” posts from this week? Yes, a bit slower than I am used to but I did get some great newly verified clients that said they enjoyed themselves in meeting me and some of my wonderful regulars mixed in. Was it four clients a day? No. One day, three clients joined me. Some days only two clients joined me. On Friday, yes, that was the day that I discovered another great position with a great guy, so that day was a winner! If anything, maybe having a bit lighter day helped me breath a bit.

So on Monday, I had three regulars join me, all “GFE” clients. So my deep French kissers came over and loved frolicking naked with me! Score! This tigress loves to kiss so that day was a “win”.  With that, the three that joined me loved dining at the “Y”. Boy did “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit” get the attention too, When it was all said and done, three protein shakes and I was purring like a “cat in heat”. Thank you to those regulars of mine that came out to see me.

On Tuesday, I had most of the day off as I went with my roommate to his doctor appointment and he was given the release finally to head back to work. Later in the day at 5:30pm and 7:30pm, I had two newly verified clients spend time with me. The first of the two was a new light BDSM/Strapon client. We had a blast getting to know each other and he loved meeting Penelope and Cleo and I enjoyed riding his face! I made him service all my parts until I was wet in his mouth. I then gave him a Golden Shower and then joined him back on the bed for some butt play/strapon fun. I worked him over with lots of lube and then found the perfect size (more of a mid-size dildo) and fucked him with it for a while (him on all fours, facing away from me) and then I had him role onto his back and finished with more oral on him as I continued to fuck him. He came in my hands and mouth. He looked definitely less stressed as he was leaving. The last client was one of Jackie’s regulars and we had so much fun! He was definitely up for two rounds and spent some time fucking Penelope and then coming on my breasts (for the first load) and then came in my mouth after some fucking for the second load. He said he enjoyed himself and would be back.

He wanted to know when the next duo day is with Jackie and I but I told him it is still undetermined. I have a lot on my plate for the next two weeks so I can’t commit to a duo for either of my duo partners until mid-September. I always feel that if duos are hosted too often, gentlemen get a little “tone deaf” to them so I am better to leave men “wanting more.” Giving you all little teasers of the girlfriend fun days I have had with both Lauren and Jackie will have you all tuning in and waiting for those girlfriend fun blog announcements (I try to give you all about two weeks notice). I also had Jackie join me in Schaumburg for the last girlfriend fun day so we may end up doing some more Schaumburg girlfriend fun days with her as we had a very good response from clientele who were very happy to meet Jackie in my territory (as they wouldn’t have been able to make it to Naperville). 

On Wednesday, I had a couple of regulars make it over to visit. Both are the kind of gentlemen that love to deep french kiss, dine at the Y, dine at the O (enjoyed rimming and being rimmed) and just enjoy a lot of naked body to body. Both were oral clients who finished in my mouth, providing me wonderful protein shakes! They both were doing a lot of swimming in my pussy juices as well! I love licking all of me off of them!

On Thursday, I had two more long lost regulars who hadn’t been with me in a while but read I wasn’t busy so decided to pay visits! Thank you to those sweethearts! In both cases, they preferred the GFE appointment, loved the deep french kissing, lots of naked body to body, lots of mutual oral and then the final culmination boom. The first gentleman said he loved how patient I am in that even if it takes him longer to come, I was with him through it all until the “boom” happened. He said he was leaving much more relaxed than when he came in and said he wouldn’t wait as long to visit again the next time. The last gentleman came over and wanted to shower with me first as he loves the foreplay in the shower. He enjoyed lathering me up and I did him and we did lots of deep French kissing in the shower! We then dried each other off and joined each other in the bed for more naked frolic. We then spent more make-out time and then did lots of mutual oral on each other. He came in my mouth for the first load and we did a bit of horizontal mambo for the second load (he came in the condom). That finished my day.

On Friday, I told you in a prior blog that a gentleman bought my day. We had a lot of fun and let’s just say that he treated Penelope and Cleo very well and loved our make-out sessions. As stated in the prior blog, we found a new position for our horizontal mambo repertoire. I definitely will always remember “The Rowboat”. He definitely got deeper inside me with it. He tired me out! (He is 13 years older than me too!). I was well fed during that day too. I definitely am down for another day when he decides to do that again. I am very grateful for my great regular clients. This business can be mighty lonely so I am always thankful for those regulars that contact me to book and make my week!

On Saturday, it was two regulars that joined me. Again, both had seen my blog that I was slow this past week so they gave me a “jingle” and set appointments. The first of the two is that quiet senior from the North that enjoys mutual oral and some deep french kissing. He provided me my protein. We always have such good pillow talk afterwards as well. The last regular was one that hadn’t seen me for a few years. He loves the oral play and we had such a great make-out session. He reacquainted himself with Penelope and Cleo. I licked all my pussy juices off his face. He said he enjoys swimming in them! I then licked and sucked his “Skippy” until he blew in my mouth. We had some great pillow talk to finish the visit and then he promised to not wait so long the next visit. He loved my beautiful townhouse! The last time he saw me, I was in a small apartment in Rolling Meadows. 

Thank you to those clients that gave me tips and candy. It is always appreciated and never expected.

This work week won’t start for me until Wednesday, August 15th as I have a relative in town for a couple of days. For those interested in booking with me, see my updated schedule on this website and please let me know! Light screening for prospective new clientele either email, text or my Appointment Request form. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,