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The Anita Diaries August 27th thru September 2nd, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen, your resident wild woman enjoying her holiday weekend with some rest and relaxation before a rather big week as I will be in Rockford on Wednesday and Thursday with Amy 34 Double EE. I would be lying if I said I enjoy traveling around as I much prefer my comfy beautiful home rather than a hotel in another city.

But Amy thought it was a good idea so I am going along, second banana! If I can’t feel safe (meaning gentlemen don’t want to verify), I guess I’ll take naps and watch movies on my laptop for 2 days (Amy and I have separate hotel rooms). Luckily this past week was a good week so why don’t I talk about that?

I had a lot of new gentlemen that jumped off the fence to spend time with Wild Anita at her abode! Many that visited said they would be back. And you know what I say to that? YAY!  Yes, someday I want the business to be all regulars and no unknowns but for now while business is still being built, I happily welcome new gentlemen as well as my regulars to my home.

The theme for the week, lots of make-out sessions, wild sucking on body parts (I sucked plenty but so did my gents!! Yeehaw!), much protein shakes, long appointments (yep, many 90 minute and 2 hour guys) and some great fucking. I’m not kidding, my pussy “Penelope” doesn’t get fucked a lot because many of my gentlemen prefer oral or it works better to do oral (lots of seniors), or they just love my mouth and tongue which are extremely talented. Yes, Skippy and I get along quite well!

I had some new clients that seemed to love the light BDSM sessions. Yes, some cross dressing, lots of prostate massages, many graduated to the strapon play, others just love the role play with Anita as that bad auntie that loves cock, some Golden Showers where Anita peed on a few gentlemen in her shower and had a foot fetish gentlemen that made Anita’s feet sing. I love my feet rubbed and loved. I also had another tease and denial. That’s my favorite thing to do is to edge my clientele and then have them WAIT to cum until I am good and ready for that burst of protein.

Yes, I know I do things differently then the Dominatrixes do as I do allow the gentlemen to cum at the end. I was reading and it said that the Dominatrix loses her power if she gives in to her Sub. Oh fudge, I can’t imagine a man coming to see me without a boom ending of sorts. I guess part of me feels that it’s like coming to a party and not having a slice of cake or just some form of a treat. I can certainly hold the gentlemen subs out the full hour before giving in. I do that routinely even with my GFE clientele. Yes, Wild Anita is a tease and I love to tease and lead men to the edge and make them hang there awhile.

Due to the busy week last week, I decided to enjoy the time off until Tuesday when I start back to being the wild tigress again. I am known for having a great attitude and loving to give and give and give! But I do need to take time off sometimes to effectively come back as wild as ever. It’s not that I don’t love what I do. I DO very much LOVE it. I just get tired and sometimes getting a couple of days of naps just helps me. Many have checked in to see if by chance I am hosting for the holiday Monday and no, I am not. I do have to clean my bedroom closet, do some laundry, take a nap and play with my dog Belle and cat Mittens.

I added a new app to my phone (the app is available on both IPhone and Android) called “Wag” and it is basically a dog walking service and they also dog sit and board dogs. They call it Uber dog walking. I got a free walk for my dog, Belle and decided to upgrade it to an hour and it was hilarious. The app let’s you go on the walk with your dog and her dog walker, the map of the walk runs on your phone and you see where the go pees and poops during the walk. They even take a video of your dog walking so you can see that. When someone requests their dog be walked, the dog walker volunteers and grabs whatever assignments they want such as those that do Uber driving do. I’m quite impressed though I doubt I can do it as often but if I find that Belle seeds more exercise, I will definitely try that again. It gave me lots of chuckles. I hate to say it, I don’t mind spoiling my dog, she is worth every penny and more.

Thank you to the gentlemen that gave me tips, wine, coffee, candy and flowers this past week. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is always appreciated.

This week besides being in Rockford Wednesday and Thursday, I will be hosting in my West Schaumburg townhouse on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. So please come visit me as I will be quite the horny slut after my time off for the holiday weekend. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,