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The Anita Diaries August 20th thru 26th, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen, it was a great week full of entertaining work and fun. Several gentlemen jumped off the fence to verify with me using my screening form or via email and the gentlemen I saw seemed to have a great time. I had a lot of regulars as well so it was a good mix of both new and regulars. I had Thursday and Friday off due to my college age son coming to town for a quick visit as he starts college officially tomorrow for his senior year. So what’s Anita like as a mom? I am a mix of firmness and lovingness, but I do stay in his face regarding his grades and his future plans (right now it looks to be graduate school in Iowa).

It’s a sad state of affairs currently as many of our young people now take a long time before they can even find a job after college graduation (many living at home with parents and working part time jobs not even in the area they graduated in). When I was in college (I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Northern Illinois University back in May 1988, and received a graduate certificate from Roosevelt University in Paralegal Studies in Spring 1989) it was likely I would find a job and I did working in downtown Chicago law firms and then in company law departments for awhile. I married at the age of 23 and pretty much never looked back, I’ve been on my own and away from the parents ever since. My sister has a son that is age 27 and still living at home and now looking for another job due to being laid off (this is a rather unpleasant pattern as so many business people have been laid off in the last 10 years including yours truly).

I do believe my college age son is exceptionally smart (4.0 out of a 4.0 in college) and ambitious (having worked two jobs this past summer including his internship, for 60+ hours a week) so I am blessed in that I think he will likely always be able to manage and not need help from mom all the time. He did ask me to go shopping with him, add gas to his car and I gave him a little bit of cash to go back with to college but he turned me down flat on rent money and monthly utilities saying he had made plenty over the summer to cover that. We went out Thursday night to dinner to celebrate his great internship evaluation and the start of his senior year of college.

As far as work goes, as I said a proper mix of new and regulars this week. This wild tigress was frisky as I had a slower week the week before. The trend this week was a lot of GFE, deep French kissing, make out sessions, lots of 69 and lots of dining at the Y (DATY), rimming (DATO), you name it, Wild Anita sucking lots of cock, for those that showered, yes I did do DATO to them as well, lots of protein shakes, and some gentlemen loved taking on “Penelope the Pussy”.

Well, I name your cock “Skippy”, so why not give you a name for my pussy? I do lots of squeezing of Skippy with Penelope (yes, I do Kegel exercises when I am just laying around). No, I am not ever just “laying there” as so many gentlemen complain that providers are not into it. I am all about giving gentlemen there fantasies so why not do everything, even your favorite positions while you are with me. My big thing is I love playing with my clit and your balls while we are in the throws of fucking every which way.

Yes, I had my weekly two hour visit with my age 70 something and he did get me off with eight orgasms that day. I always appreciate the efforts of my mature gentlemen that really seem to enjoy being pleasers. I have the best job as I have the best regulars ever. On Saturday I had a couple of hungry pussy eaters, one regular and one new client. The new client, a voraciously hungry Brit loved eating out Penelope and was a fantastic kisser as well or should I say he kissed both sets of lips well! Anyway, after having a couple of days off, Saturday was considered pretty “high” in activity meaning I definitely was very active aerobically during all my sessions. Lots of protein as well. Sex is the best exercise ever!

Thank you to those thoughtful gentlemen for the tips, coffee, wine and flowers. 

Have a great week, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,