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The Anita Diaries - August 1st thru August 5th, 2017

Hi ho, gentlemen, this is your bleary eyed getting tired Tigress just giving you a short update on my week before bed. It started on Tuesday as I was away for the weekend in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and took Monday off to recover and spend time with my niece and her three little ones. Yes, I had a wonderful time away as you read from my blogs earlier in the week. I had quite a few new clients that jumped off the fence this week and verified, mainly in the category of 50's and up (several new retirees with more time on their hands). Only a couple strapon clients this week though I think those that did strapon with me are now "sold" on it and will be back. I try to remind all the gentlemen that come to see me that there is no shame in revealing what turns them on with me. I love giving men their fantasies. You have a role play in mind, please feel free to share it and I will definitely fall into character and can remain in character for the full period of time of the appointment. 

The remainder of new clients (all in the age 50's and up) preferred the GFE ("Girlfriend Experience") appointment with passionate deep french kissing galore. So many wanted makeout sessions and well, a good head game and yep, you found the right place with Anita's gifted tongue. It didn't mean that I didn't get fucked because I did by some of the gentlemen. But usually they found my mouth after a fuck since no one likes cumming in a condom and who doesn't like giving me the protein shake I deserve after my "hard" work? So yes, another fun week for me and I believe fruitful as each of my new clients said they would return to frolic with me again sometime when their schedule allows.  

Of the new gentlemen, many chose 90 minute and two hour appointments as they wanted more time to enjoy themselves and not be rushed. Some gentlemen admitted they chose longer durations due to wanting shower time before and after so having a longer appointment didn't take much time as it does when you only have an hour. Yes, I always offer my shower to gentlemen for before and after as of course I want you clean for me but I also want you to be able to clean up before heading home. I don't want anyone "found out" so cleaning up and washing with unscented Dove (yes I have that available) does get rid of any scents off of you. 

It was also fun spending time with my regulars that came along to hear about last weekend's vacation as well as to get the tender loving care that I give them. We have some great "pillow talk" after the cataclysmic "boom" and it is so comfortable visiting with them. Yes, I do share passionate stories that I share in person as most get "harder" just hearing the stories as much as reading them. 

Did I get lots of "O's this week? Yes, I did as many a gentleman wanted to dine at the Y. Many of the new gentlemen did comment on how scrumptious I do taste and yes, I don't lie about the fact that I am freshly showered for each client. The ones that came during their "lunch" hour did say that at least it was a calorie free lunch that they were eating and the fruit was listening to this tigress orgasm and showing her pleasure. Yes, many wanted to rim me as they knew I rim clean gentlemen as well during my appointments. I always say it is not necessary but I do not mind it at all and I am not self-conscious because I know I have cleaned up well before seeing them. 

Gentlemen, the providers that don't want you to dine at the Y or the O? Well, those providers are afraid you will figure out that they don't shower between appointments and you might write a negative review because of that. So they say "no" to the DATY and/or DATO due to that. If they are adamant on no DATY or DATO, I would not argue and just move along on the appointment as it appears you almost were eating some "leftovers" versus the Prime Rib of pussy that you deserve!

Have a great week, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,