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The Anita Diaries - August 13th thru August 19th, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen, your favorite hungry insatiably sexy tigress is here ready to give you my weekly update. It’s been a relatively quiet week this past week as I had a few days off in there. The days I was available, it was quiet. I guess I was hoping for more business this week but then again I did have some interruptions. As usual, Sundays I am off as I consider that family day and a day of rest. Everyone needs a break and for me it is Sunday.

Monday was business as usual, a few regulars that seemed to enjoy themselves. My every two week two hour regular in his 70’s does love the making out and the oral interplay between us. He got me off quite a few times (he tries to challenge himself for more O’s each time but I keep telling him to relax).  The other two regulars, it had been awhile so it was a joyful reunion of sorts. Overall all mature gentlemen that love the journey as well as the culmination boom! I had also a client that wanted the full GFE experience as well as me giving him a Golden Shower (memo to me for future, drink MORE bottled water). 

On Tuesday, August 15th I was downtown Chicago at the Daley Center doing my civic duty as requested by Cook County and showed up on time and where they wanted me to for Jury Duty. Because I have had a varied background and also I’m a victim of a crime (I was a Paralegal/Legal Assistant right after I graduated college and went to school at Roosevelt for my Graduate Paralegal Certificate), I thought for sure I’d be dismissed but I got chosen and ended up being Jury foreperson in a one day trial. I think I impressed the group I was with with my knowledge of the court system and plenty of gentlemen in the group didn’t hurt of course (yes, I am attractive despite those critics in the reviews that say things to the contrary). Anyway, decision was for the defendant as the Plaintiff didn’t provide enough evidence. If I was his attorney, I would have told him that this was a waste of time and money but then again, I’m honest and not every attorney is.

On Wednesday, August 16th, I went over to my niece’s to help her with her three children (ages 5 thru 7). She is going through a difficult time with the hubby and she wasn’t feeling well, so I watched the kids for a few hours so she could get a nap. I love those babies but it isn’t easy as all three have a form of autism. The oldest at age 7, a girl, is more severely autistic as up until a year ago she couldn’t speak. She was being schooled in a regular grade school classroom but her parents won a law suit against the school district and with that, the girl has been placed in a special autistic school in the West Suburbs.  She gets bussed to and from there every weekday. She now speaks over a 100 words and on Wednesday, she called me by my real name and let me hold her while we watched a movie. Yes, I was humbled and grateful and a bit blubbery crying when she said it! The middle child, a boy, age 6, is more high functioning (more on the line of Asperger syndrome) and can put any Lego set together that you give him! He and I were playing with cars in his newly built garage. He reminds me a lot of my oldest son at that age (my son was special needs, had a reading and writing IEP, all the way grade school through high school graduation. As I have said previously, he is now age 25, an E-5 Wheeled Auto Mechanic in the U.S. Army, 7 years of service so far). The youngest child, age 5, a girl, is the most difficult as she has more of behavior oppositional defiant disorder. She was fine the whole time I was there, sat on my lap, we played and watched her favorite shows, but as is when something upsets her, it was a tantrum and tears before I left her that day. This coming week starts school for all three little ones so my niece will get a break as all bussed full days for school starting this  week Thursday. My niece is the breadwinner and doesn’t get much help from her lazy husband that can’t hold a job. I have been helping her financially for awhile, whatever I can spare in addition to paying my son’s college tuition and my monthly bills/debts. I know she is working extremely hard and is not lazy, she just has been given a bad shake for a partner and father of her children. Anyone that can take off and leave his parental responsibilities for weeks and then show back up and act like nothing has changed and he is “Dad” again isn’t any kind of father or husband even.

On Thursday, I hosted singles back at my place though only a couple of my regulars took me up on it. I did get plenty of screening forms (at least 4 that I had to review, and go through the verification process) but none of them for appointments this week. I do review all forms same day and work at getting potential clients an answer rather quickly. It isn’t as hard to go through that process, maybe 5-10 minutes on a form and I am back to those applicants same day. Some gentlemen re-act quite surprised at how easy it is once I get back with them. So many of those gentlemen have to get back to me this week with possible days/times and appointment durations. One of the regulars on Thursday decided to take me up on tease and denial, with restraints (yes, I tied him up), or the light BDSM appointment ($170 hour). Stayed in character as Mistress Anita for the hour and worked to lead him along, spank him and then leave him waiting to cum until the final last minutes of the appointment. I do enjoy edging and leading men along and controlling when I allow them to cum. Yes, it can be a power trip. This mistress does eventually allow him to cum whereas many of the dungeon Dominatrix do not allow them to cum.

On Friday, I worked with SexyAss Jackie doing doubles in Naperville at her hotel. Yes, gentlemen, lots of wild sex between Jackie and I and our male partners from beginning to end. Yes, we had a very good response, many of my regulars and a couple of hers joined us and no one left disappointed. They ALL needed a nap afterwards, I can tell you that. Jackie and I never disappoint and yes, for you voyeurs, I did get her off (she squirted me in the face), and she got me off. Jackie has a very soft tongue, and really works at pussy licking. She admitted that I have improved a lot at pussy licking from our early days of doubling back in 2015. Gentlemen, it really is working with the tongue and suctioning. I think men try to make it more harder but it really isn’t. One gentlemen visited us for two hours in early evening on Friday and got us both off multiple times. He was in the advanced class of pussy licking and passed with flying colors! Many gentlemen liked the "train" idea where he fucked one of us and the other of us worked on pussy licking of each other. Jackie got fucked from behind and then she licked me until I couldn't stand it anymore and came. We finished at 12:00am so this exhausted tigress went home and slept around the clock until 10:30am Saturday. It ended up three clients wanted the same appointment times on Saturday so unfortunately I only had one gentlemen (a new guy that screened with me in morning on Saturday) for a 90 minute appointment. An out of towner that I wished lived in this state as he loves the passionate make out sessions and lots of oral, me to him and vise versa. We finished with him giving Anita’s pussy a good fucking and then he ended up where most men end up, providing me my protein shake in my mouth.

Thankful for those gentlemen that brought me coffee this week, those that gave me tips and the red wine and flowers! This tigress does love surprises!

Looking forward to clients (regulars and newly verified) coming to visit me this week.

It is a bit of a short week this week, hosting Monday thru Wednesday 6:30am thru 6:30pm and Saturday 12pm-8pm (off Thursday and Friday) as my college age son coming in for a brief visit late Wednesday night and returning back to his college campus early on Saturday. He of course wants us to do some shopping for the school year and wants some good mom time before he starts his first semester of his senior year.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,