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The Anita Diaries April 2nd thru April 8th, 2017

Hello Gentlemen, Happy Sunday! What a beautiful weekend and it finally seems as if spring and an early summer (my wish, I LOVE summer) is here! So this wild tigress had the usual number of clients this week (nothing overwhelming as I can't do that here in my townhouse community) but I have enjoyed my week. All very respectful gentlemen and many new clients that I hope visit again that seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Probably the most surprising was my Thursday went later, until 10pm but no real takers for my evening appointments. Or should I say, the youngsters (20 somethings were interested) but I wasn't. I am not kidding when I say that mature men age 35 and up is who I see. Some providers say that but secretly take everyone if they are desperate. I DON'T.  

I had to get over feeling lonely Thursday and played with myself a bit to make myself happy. Well, that and Portillos Chocolate Cake, made me feel better! Yes, gents, I was one of those insane people making my way through that insane line that twisted and turned in the Portillos drive through for a 54 cents piece of chocolate cake this past Thursday. I was debating doing it and unfortunately the bad Anita won out on that one. What's so funny is that years ago I dated a Portollos Manager that told me the secret that Portillos chocolate cake was nothing more than Dunkin Hines cake mix with the additional ingredient of mayonaise. 

On that note, I will tell you that this wild Anita joined LA Fitness this week and made it through several workouts before the weekend including a Yoga class on Friday. A nice neighborly lady that worked out next to me in the class helped get me out of the triangle position that I got stuck into. But otherwise, i LOVED it and those that think Yoga is for sissy's has never done a yoga class as it was very difficult but I will be back as I have to work at strengthening my core and my ankle rehabilitation depends on me being diligent. Of course toning in the right areas won't hurt this wild tigress one bit. Maybe some gents will visit me when I am back from my break and we can try a few of those twister positions in the bedroom? He he! All for creativity!

The trend for this week, long appointments. Several two hour appointments and a couple 90 minute appointments with some gents I enjoyed getting to know and otherwise all 60 minute appointments. So why don't many gentlemen join me for half hour appointments? Well, with only a $20 difference between half hour and hour appointments, and I do a lot in my hour appointments, the hour is more worth it. If you analyze the rates page, you will see. 

A few gentlemen joined me for light BDSM sessions, prostate messages, strapon play and one that wanted simply spankings and no sex. Yes, I do entertain all sorts but I do have my limits. A gentlemen that had a foot fetish wanted me to do feet gagging with him but I couldn't take him as I have never done foot gagging and also my left ankle is still not strong enough post surgery for anything strenuous and I didn't want to take the gent's money and not be able to deliver the service correctly. If I take a client, I do my best to meet and exceed their expectations in the bedroom. I won't take a chance in not meeting expectations. And I certainly don't take money for services I may not be able to perform. 

A few gentlemen were nice enough to give this tigress a massage and made me purrrr.  Yes, I do love them as much as I love giving them. I do love men that do skin to skin with me and we rub our naked bodies against each other as we get into some real fun positions. Of course, enjoyed the passionate deep french kissing with the many men that love to kiss. It was overall a very scintillating week and it was a good end before my Easter break.

Yes, sadly, gentlemen, I am off now through next weekend Easter Sunday (updated my schedule accordingly). I have family in town from now through Easter Sunday. I look forward to seeing many of my regulars and verified (screened) new clientele when I get back the week of April 17th. I am taking more of a staycation but my college age son and I are spending a day and a half at Starved Rock to do some hiking and enjoy the scenery. I made hotel reservations for an overnight basis to get us out of the area for a night. He is an avid hiker (a former boy scout) so will probably leave me in the dust! 

See you the week of April 17th! Happy Easter! 

Hugs and ferociously hungry kisses, 

Wild Anita