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The Anita Diaries - April 18th through April 22, 2017

Hi there, gentlemen. Thank you for your patience for the latest weekly update! Last night I was working on this update and I just moved my hand a tad and literally lost everything and it was 11:15pm. I had a client coming this morning at 6:30am, so I was unable to go back to the drawing board then! Yes, even a MacBook can have a malfunction (or maybe it was your Wild sultry temptress Anita, but whatever). Last week was a quick week, I couldn't host Monday and Wednesday so my hosting days were Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My son took awhile to leave town on Monday (well, he cleaned his room before he left so I just accepted it) and I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon. Yes, I am still clean, gents! No sexually transmitted diseases and of course, this tigress is not addicted to anything drug wise, only COCK! Please deposit your protein! Thank you!

On Wednesday I took a short road trip to visit my best friend since high school (and no, she is NOT in the business, so keep your mind out of any gutter regarding two of us, well, other than Jackie and I teaming up this Friday in Naperville). I definitely still need some hen chat since most of the time I am around testosterone filled gentlemen! (Nothing wrong with that by the way!). 

Otherwise, a good mix of regulars and a few new gentlemen who were willing to verify. I think I impressed the new gentlemen with my energy and playfulness in the bedroom. The regulars always know that I am deeply addicted to sex and some volunteered for Tuesday knowing full well that it had been 10 days since the last orgasm. Bravel souls brought their skippy's over and we had a grand time and they definitely brought Anita to the brink and back just as I do for them. I love teasing and making men squirm in total abandon and they love doing it back to me. I had my share of businessness but not over business. 

Gentlemen, this tigress has to be cautious on the numbers of gents so I keep under the radar. I am not kidding on that. I say my share of "no's" either because I can't accomodate the day/time or the gent won't verify or they are too young, etc. I also had a mature gentlemen in his 60's that verified with me this week but unfortunately he asked me to call him after I quoted him the $140 hour donation and seemed perturbed that I save the senior retiree $10 discount for regulars only. Gentlemen, you know i am very reasonable for my hour donation (if you look into others, I am a steal with what I offer in my hour).  But if the first question out of a gents mouth is about a "special" or the Senior discount, he really doesn't want me, he just wants a cheap costing woman, no matter who it is.  So I told him no. And yes, plenty call for "specials" and get the same hang up as well. 

A reminder that for those gentlemen running late for my appointments, please let me know as soon as possible and then let me know the new ETA. It isn't good to get notified that 5 minutes before appointment time. Please also know that I can't go beyond the end time of the appointment usually so if you are 15 minutes late for a 1pm appointment, the end time would still be 2pm. I can't put the next gentlemen out and move their appointment back because of lateness of a prior client. It isn't fair and you wouldn't like it if I had to move your appointment back accordingly. In all cases, allow enough time for the worst of traffic to get to me. I really hate rushing gentlemen. I am not known to be a clock watcher and it does make me nervous and takes away from the session. I always give my best to every gentlemen in every session. 

For those P411 clients, please remember to send me a request for an okay after our appointment (P239107). I do get 5 points every time I give an okay and it helps me with the cost of my advertising on P411 should I decide to do any additional advertising beyond the normal listing. 

Have a great week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,