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The Anita Diaries - April 15th thru April 21, 2018

Hello, all. Well, it’s official, all of our freedom of speech rights are being effected including yours truly. My website host ( or cutie tools) isn’t allowing me to update my website with a post until I wine about it for 3 or more days. The website was taken down for over a day this past week and as I suspected, it was a cloudfare issue. Cloudfare also took down (the sex worker friendly social media alternative to Twitter) down for a day this past week. I did buy a new domain “" so if anything happens here, you’ll have to find me there in the future (If I were you, I'd save that website name someplace as an alternative in case all the sudden, this website with the .com is not here anymore). 

So this past week, yes, my business didn’t go as well. I have definitely been hit with the negatives of Backpage being taken down. I still get a lot of telephone calls from many time wasters that ask for my address (“adress pleas," yes, not good spellers), lowball my already reasonable donations, ask for what my donations are even though they can get them here and ask very pointed services questions that I can’t answer. I don’t know if any of those gentlemen that are asking have an IQ of higher than 75 or maybe the IQ is located in their other head “Skippy”. So with that, I will start with my narrative that will give a summary of the entire week including the girlfriend fun day Friday, April 20th with sexyass Jackie.

On Monday, I had one visitor, a gentlemen from the old days, an “original” (also known as one of the gentlemen that helped start my business back in the summer of 2014), he had admitted it hasn’t been easy for him to come up with the “fun money” to see me with as he had to take a step down in pay over the last couple of years.  As many gentlemen in their 50’s and 60’s have seen, the work force seems to appreciate those gentlemen a lot less and either lays them off entirely or demotes them somehow. So many in that age bracket are looking for work because they need that money to help live on as any retirement/social security doesn’t stretch far enough to live on. The days of company loyalty are over. He and I always have a wonderful hour of deep French kissing, naked body to body and a lot of horizontal mambo, many positions including missionary, cowgirl and doggie. It definitely means we can skip the gym that day. 

On Tuesday, I had one of my favorite returning regulars and a couple of new gentlemen (“fence jumpers” or “fallers” that luckily didn’t hurt themselves). One fo the returning regulars came to see me for some girlfriend experience without the drama, lots of French kissing, he enjoyed licking and sucking “Cleo the clit” and “Penelope the pussy”. He always loves my mouth on “Skippy” as well and finished with a protein shake for me.  The other two wanted the light bdsm/prostate massage appointments and loved me taking control of the appointment, making them service me and me giving them their oral rewards at the end.  Both enjoyed the prostate massage immensely as they had to admit that the orgasm from it was unmatched and came from their toes up. Late in the day I was supposed to have a 28 year old that had previously verified with me and he ended up being a no show. Nothing more to be said in that it is typical of the younger set to have very little respect for other people’s time.

On Wednesday, I had just one again as I had another no show for a 10am appointment (another younger one) so one of my originals came in the afternoon and spent a 90 minute appointment with me. I appreciated that as he extended the appointment after he found out I was a bit short this week on clientele even though he has been on the job search for a while. He and I do a lot of deep french kissing make-out sessions and enjoys the naked body to body, he loves orally pleasing and spent much of the hour pleasing “Penelope” and “Cleo” and he ended his 90 minutes with providing me my protein again in a super cum in mouth experience.  A special “thank you” to him for spending some great wild "TLC" fun while helping me out by giving me an appointment that day. 

On Thursday, I was off due to an emergency visit from my college age son who had an infected tooth and ended up needing it extracted. As it was on the upper right side of mouth, he can wait on the implant though will get one in late summer. That was the day my website was down so I was just beside myself for much of that day. A special friend did take a backup of my website in case it was gone for good.

On Friday, I spent the day with sexyass Jackie in Naperville and we had some great regulars of either me or her come to spend time with us. All were pretty much the GFE guys with only one late day strapon client. The first mature gentlemen has visited us before a couple of times and seems to love the woman getting it on show as well as wanting us to both “face sit” him and he finished with fucking Jackie from behind as she licked and sucked Cleo and Penelope. The second gentleman had joined Amy and I in a double over a year ago but he seemed to really enjoy watching Jackie and I deep French kiss and I services Jackie by licking and sucking her pussy and she squirted in my face/mouth of course. He fucked Jackie as she rode him cowgirl and he came. He was quite apologetic about only coming once as he wanted me to have my protein but I told him it was quite fine. He said he had an even better time with us than with Amy and I so was happy to have had the opportunity. 

A couple more regulars joined us that were quite energetic and excited. They both fucked Jackie and I serviced their balls and provided DATO from behind and both wanted us to face sit them again. Jackie and I admitted we had some really gifted gentlemen that are quite good at dining at the table. Our last gentlemen was a younger one and he and I did everything to get his motor running. The finale was me fucking Jackie from behind with a strapon and she squirted all over the the 7 inch realistic feel dildo. We did have one no show, another younger (early 30’s) gentlemen that was supposed to have us for multiple hours. I told Jackie that we need to take deposits from those gentlemen that want us for 2 or more hours because it is getting to the point that some gentlemen are just “yanking our chain” and lying about even wanting an appointment. 

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a couple of new gentlemen (“fence jumpers” that were happy they came over) and a regular join me. The first gentlemen wanted simply a lot of oral, went down and visited Penelope and Cleo and he came in my mouth. He then wanted a golden shower which I gave him, lots of hot urine hitting him in the shower. The second gentlemen just moved to Chicagoland area recently and just enjoyed a normal fun hot passionate hour where he came multiples and enjoyed dining at the Y and deep French kissing, naked body to body and even some horizontal mambo, me riding him cowgirl and him doing some missionary on me. My last client was one of my returning seniors that enjoyed me sucking and licking “Skippy," then also me rimming him and giving him a prostate massage. He finished by me riding him cowgirl and then me sucking and hand jobbing him until he came in my mouth and provided some protein.

So that finished my work week. I have to admit I slept soundly last night on both the couch while watching television and then going to bed.  I was asked a few times by gentlemen about what they should do with the “hobby” now that SESTA is heading to be the law now that Trump signed it.  I told each of them to be devoted to their all time favorites (one or two) and help them out and not to give the hobby up in the face of the government trying to shut down their rights to enjoy a consensual, passionate, wild time. I have gentlemen tell me that I am doing a wonderful service to them in a time where passion is missing at home and they want me to keep going in both the services and writing my blog. I will do that but I have to admit, it’s been a bit overwhelming that my freedom of speech is being impacted so heavily.

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips, wine, coffee and gift cards. It is never expected and always appreciated.

Keep on plugging, all!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,