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Thank you for the new TER review, CaptainDave! and other cock stuff

Hi there, gents! This is also a thank you to CaptainDave (his TER moniker) as he gave me a glowing review in a review that showed up on TER yesterday (See the links to TER at bottom of pages or for those that are not VIP's, you can look at all my reviews in entirety in REVIEWS section of this website). I always appreciate great reviews as they are advertisements for my business and as I have mentioned in this blog before, I strive for excellence. 

I am forever learning about the men's genitalia and I am a student of the cockloving life that I lead. I can always get better but I won't get worse! (thankfully for those eating popcorn on the sidelines and getting ready to jump off that ledge to see me). For those that think of me as their head doctor or neurologist (hey, some get creative in saving my phone number in their phones. Just think, I got to be that without 12 years of both college and medical school!). Yes, my specialty mainly in oral and rimming and just outright, playtime in the bedroom. But that is what the playground in the bedroom should be. It should be a place for experimentation. An area where there is no judging of your innermost fantasies.

We should be able to talk freely of our wants and needs in the bedroom. After all, some of you married men have gotten judged at home and decided it is better off to have an outside "hobby" than to bring it up again. Yes, discretion important but let's have that secret hobby, that hour or more of fun that you need to just plain get along in this world. After all, the world is stressful enough as it is. Money isn't as plentiful as it once was, many are literally dying because insurance companies are finding creative ways not to pay the medical bills in front of them. 

So yes, men, your cock time is as important as women's spa time is, if not more so. Sending subliminal licks in your direction to get you off of that wall and make a decision for yourselves. Don't be shy about it. I am the cock whisperer, the cocktologist, the cock hunter, the cock eater, the faciliator of bedroom fun, that cock-a-mamy gal that lives to be the honey pot treat for you, the lunchtime feast for your mouths that isn't high calorie (the lunch without the burger but with BIG buns!), and the wild tigress that just requires a bit of riding, yee haw! The one that loves to get in your pants with you, finding that savory treat that she loves to suck on, pre-cum and then the high protein meal I can take down after. Hell, please don't waste that load in your pants (yes, I can tell, some of your hands are reaching down there).

I am forever your flavor, your marriage prolonger and no drama girlfriend. 

Hugs and kisses,