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TER Review from GMAC59 - NICE TIME rating 6

Hi Gents, not trying to pick on the latest reviewer as I appreciate the fact that he did say he had a nice time and would repeat and suggested you all that love MILF's and GILF's, should come visit me but just so you know a rating of 6 nice time is never to my expectations. I work to an 8 or a 9 on my services and all of you should feel that I meet and exceed expectations when you come to see me. I would not be satisfied as I work my arse off (I hate swearing) to make all my gentlemen happy and I love doing it! Obviously each gent that comes to see me does have different criteria on how he rates numerically.

Another thing he mentioned is that I did a above average covered blow job. I don't usually do covered blowjobs and don't remember one in recent history. I do bareback blow jobs and will apply the cover gently before intercourse should the gent want to pound my pussy. I will do covered blowjobs should a gent insist that is his preference as you are the boss, not me when it comes to the visit. I have a listening ear. I am known for my uncovered bare back oral skills, cum in mouth and swallowing so I leave that open and he just needs to tell me if oral uncovered is all that he is there for or if he indeed wants covered intercourse too. In all of my appointment meets, half hour or hour, both oral and intercourse are included. 

Anyway, I did add the new review both general and juicy's to the Reviews (see above for the screen choices should you want to visit reviews).  

By the way I do appreciate all reviews on TER as it does lift my name to the top and is another form of advertising. I just hope that should any of you that visit consider the overall services I do to be indeed worth a service rating of an 8 or a 9. Thank you!

Hugs and kisses,