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Taking part of Thursday off for a dear friend that is like my family because.....

Hi Gentlemen, I have contacted some of my clientele that had set appointments for Thursday morning that I have to take Thursday morning off because I am taking a dear friend (that is like my sister, like family) to the doctor and the likelihood is she will be admitted to the hospital as well. She is very sick and in a lot of pain. This woman has been my substitute sister, my closest friend and confidante for the last couple of years of being in this business. I don't know what I would do without her and I hope I don't have to find that out anytime soon.

See family and friendships mean more than money to me. Many providers that do this business would do anything for a buck (sell any friend down the river, or even take their clientele and run with it) and have no scruples. The business is for the drug money or it is for the money they can make to buy those Prada purses, or the money that they think will buy them happiness.

Money doesn't buy anyone happiness. Yes, I need it but I love my family and close friends more. The business is to pay my bills and to be that wild sexual tigress in the bedroom that I never got to be for most of my 25 years of marriage. This Wild Anita has a great life! Always remember who is important to you, embrace them and tell them when you see them that you love them. Love should always guide you, not money.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,