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Strange schedule the week of April 29th - 2 1/2 days Schaumburg hosting, 4 days (including Saturday) Oak Brook hosting

Hi there all! This week I will be in Schaumburg starting Monday April 29th 8am thru 11pm, Tuesday 8am thru 11pm and Wednesday morning 8am thru 12pm. On Wednesday afternoon starting 3pm I will be hosting in Oak Brook for hours Wednesday 3pm thru 11pm, Thursday 8am thru 11pm, Friday 8am thru 11pm and Saturday 9am thru 10pm. So 2 1/2 days Schaumburg and 4 days Oak Brook hosting. This isn't a permanent change as I will likely be doing Oak Brook hosting for partial weeks twice a month. So Schaumburg will still be my home base. So for those south siders and west suburban based gentlemen that have complained I am too far, now is your chance!

Looking forward to seeing those of you that get to come out and play with me this week. For new friends that haven't screened, please start that process. If you don't want to use the form, I will take screening via email or text and for some gentlemen, it may work via telephone.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,