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Social Media promoting of companion businesses - Twitter and Switter

I think most of you all know that many escort companions have Twitter accounts including yours truly. Just another reminder to go ahead and follow me on Twitter (link also to the left of this website on each page)! Twitter is free advertising and I really think that it brings in more business for me than EROSSlixa, Adult Search and RS-AVS combined. So please check out Twitter if you haven't opened an account yet as you can do it anonymously and just follow those companions that interest you. 

Switter is a new social media website that specifically is for sex workers and the "Johns" that love them. It really hasn't fully taken off yet but it does give the client base a place to go to look at those escort companions they may be interested in. Here is the link to my Switter so please follow me. Switter hasn't really done much for my business yet but I expect as it takes awhile for social media sites to catch on, a year from now it may be a different story. Twitter has banned many escort companions accounts over time and unless SESTA/FOSTA gets overturned, it will continue. Don't let the government get in the way of the "hobby". It is the oldest profession for a reason. Follow those hot companions that you are interested in and don't be afraid of the screening process. I just met a gentleman for coffee the other day and we did the screening right there in person. I always have to look at the verification items first before we can talk. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,