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Reflections on the last several months since SESTA/FOSTA passed

Good evening all. It's a happy Saturday evening to all. It's been four months since SESTA/FOSTA passed. Many escorts (due to advertisements being taken down) were thrown out to the streets to do sex work the old way that you remember back in the 70's, 80's and 90's before the Internet. As far as we know, sixteen sex workers have disappeared since then, five reportedly were murdered, five disappeared (with no trace) and six committed suicide. A couple nights ago a sex worker was reportedly raped by a "John" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Another area of victimization, pimps are out there trying to take advantage of those sex workers thrown back into street work. A friend of mine  (whom I have never mentioned in this blog so do not guess who it is) is back doing car fun dates except those dates can result in kidnapping and death. Car dates are as unsafe now as they were before the internet. 

This past week on Thursday there was the first hearing of Woodhull Freedom Foundation and four other plaintiff's that filed for a Preliminary Injunction that would stop the law from remaining in effect until the group’s lawsuit, filed on June 28th, is decided. Unfortunately, nothing happened. As our "luck" would have it, the judge in the case, Judge Richard Leon of United States District Court in Washington D.C., expressed his doubt that the plaintiff's in the case would be harmed by SESTA/FOSTA's passage. See details of first hearing

SESTA/FOSTA's passage is another way of marginalizing women in society. It has little to do with the sex trafficking that it purports to be trying to stop. What does sex trafficking mean? Sex trafficking is human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, including sexual slavery. So SESTA/FOSTA takes away sex workers abilities to advertise, sends them to the streets to be further victimized and allows pimps to prey on them more to further enslave them. What an irony that is! So no one would be harmed by SESTA/FOSTA's passage?  

Sex workers are real people. They have life struggles like anyone else. They try to make ends meet by working at sex work to pay their rent, utilities, provide necessities such as food and clothing and raise their children. Some like myself are trying to pay their children's way through college and help save for retirement. Some are both high school educated and college educated. Sex workers have families and friends that love them (boyfriends, husbands, children and grandchildren). Sex workers have real names and real lives. They are not just bodies to be used, abused, murdered and dumped.

Some sex workers like myself consider it a "calling". It is a calling to provide intimacy and passion to those individuals that are missing that at home. Some of these individuals are the lonely divorced and widowed. Some individuals have a happy life with a spouse and family but very little intimacy or passion at home. The times these individuals spend with sex workers provides a missing piece that de-stresses them and allows them to go home happier and more fulfilled. It does not end marriages, it prolongs them and allows families to stay intact. The "drama" you hear and read about is isolated instances of escorts that have drug dependencies and pimps, in which they attemp extortions, or set up robbing of their "Johns". By clients doing extended research of escort companions before meeting them (as I discussed in a blog a few days ago), it decreases the chance of any "drama" taking place other than a scintillating time with their dates. 

In addition to considering it a calling, I seek to show sex workers as real people with real lives through my blog writing. I put a voice to sex work and state that women sex workers should never be marginalized or treated as either lesser or less valuable due to choosing sex work as their vocation. Sex trafficking does not equal sex workers as many of us chose to be sex workers, we were not trafficked into it. A certain percentage was and are trafficked and that is a crime. I cannot say enough on here that I hope my clientele are choosing mature sex workers for dates and not the young girls in their teens through mid 20's. The girls in that age group are too young to know what they are getting into and may be damaged mentally and emotionally for life based on being involved in sex work. 

I have lived my life and raised my children before choosing sex work. I have made a lot of good client choices in the last few years after making some bad choices early on when I started. I am hoping that by showing myself as a real person with a real life and real struggles, that I find I can educate an audience out there though my writing. 

Signed your wild tigress with hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,