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Reflections on Anita's wild life and why I do what I do

Some thoughts that I decided to make public that are continual issues and why I am still in the business even though I have been shunned by many gents that don't see the benefits and those that are afraid. Every day I face new challenges, the biggest is gentlemen that contact me but don't intend to complete the light screening I require. I get a lot of timewasting phone calls, texts and emails. My advertisements always do state this requirement.

Here is what they could have if they shun me and move onto to other more unsafe girls. The girls that don't screen could be cops, or they could be working with their pimps to possibly rob them or they could try to get money from them without providing services or they could be newer in the business and possibly could get arrested from not screening. It doesn't take much to get arrested these days.  By me asking questions of potential clients, I care as I need to be safe in this business. I could be murdered or arrested. I am willing to take screening information via phone call, text or email in addition to my "Appointment Request form." I realize some do not like Third Party forms.  

I had one gentleman visit me and think I liked choking. He had verified with me (and I background checked him) but by his actions, he thought I liked risky sex practices like choking me until the life came out of me. Some men watch a lot of porn videos and the treatment of women in some of them are quite demeaning. Let me tell you, I do want to stay alive. I also want my sessions to be quite sensual and passionate but I don't intend to be used to act out "risky practices" that may turn you on as it did during the porn movie that you watched.  

My reviews on this website and on other sites such as Erotic Monkey are mostly positive. What I do say is that I have a body that has had a lot of weight on it in the past and I am currently trying to take off the last 35 pounds to get to my goal (previous blogs talk about this) but my body is au natural, real boobs, but they do sag and I have a belly. If that is not your thing and you prefer perfection and huge breasts, then I understand if you move past me to look for some cover model, spinner or athleticly built women.  

It's hard making friends in this business as other providers are in competition with each other. I had a provider friend out me to my family and then lie to everyone she talks with about my life and me as a person. I have lived through a guy's worst nightmare (as no one wants to lose their family). I do have a couple girls I duo with, Sexyass Jackie and Lauren Goode but I mostly keep to myself. I can't trust anyone and I am sorry if I say a lot less because of it. 

Business could be better but every day I work to being better as Wild or Mistress Anita. I always say practice makes perfect in how I entertain my gentlemen clients. I work at getting healthier and exercise via yoga and elliptical and eating much less processed foods, no grains, no sugars, more protein, low carbohydrates and upping my fats. I can only control myself and how well I do with my clients, both new and regulars. I can only make myself healthier and work at being less stressed as the business is so stressful. I try to do my best to open up my life as honestly as I can to those that want to read what I write. I do have a newsletter that I send out weekly that has many recipients. For those that are interested in reading what I write, please add your email address to the list "JOIN MAILING LIST" (list at bottom of every website page). You will have to go to your email thereafter to verify your email address in order to officially get this newsletter. It usually get sent out on Sunday or Mondays weekly. 

I always say that clients should spend one hour or more with me to get the most out of our sessions as it is a time for you to unwind and de-stress. This isn't a tactic to get more money, it is my belief in my craft being to de-stress and make all gentlemen feel better when they leave me. I am a marriage prolonger as I make it so men can go back to their wives and families and live their lives.

Some of my provider cohorts do the quick visits and half hours almost all the time but it isn't my thing. I want to devote the full period of time (whatever duration men book) to gentlemen providing an unrushed experience of fun and passion. I love to kiss and be kissed passionately but if that is not a gentleman's thing he needs to state that in his likes and dislikes. I am a true GFE or Girlfriend Experience without the drama. For those gentlemen in a particular hurry, I allow half hours for 2nd visits and onward (yes, that requires a first visit that is one hour or longer).

I have a pretty calm business lately in that I may only see 1-3 a day and lately it has been mostly 1 a day. So yes, I've been definitely lonelier than in the past. I fill my time in with exercise, reading my Kindle (lately self-help books) and watching Youtube videos. 

I host in three locations, Arlington Heights apartment, 3 to 4 star Schaumburg hotel, or Lombard (more of a private location as each suite has its own separate entrance). Locations are reflected in this website my schedule and in this blog page. 

Why I do what I do can be summarized in one example of a senior retired client I spent time with yesterday. He had previously only spent "half hours" with me for last few years (due to economics) but I always encouraged him to choose one hour sometime as the half hour was never enough time to get to that "boom" or "climax" as he has contributing health issues. Well he spent an hour with me yesterday and there was definite passion showing as he worked to introduce himself to "Penelope the Pussy" and "Cleo the Clit" as well as sucking my twin titties and then when the reciprocal happened and I started to work him over with lots of tongue and mouth, well, it was a "Cataclysmic Boom" and climax reached for him as well! He layed there in wonderment as wondering what just happened. I told him the hour makes a difference as it lets us BOTH enjoy each other, keeps the sensual passion and then well, his body was responding to what he did to me as well as what I did to him. I was so happy to have made him happy and when he left, we shared a warm hug and a kiss and he said he would do the hour again when he has enough saved. He went home happy and I was thrilled to have both provided that release and de-stresser so he could go home to his life and wife happy!

For those wondering why I don't write the "Anita Diaries" anymore, the Anita Diaries are included in my newsletter that is sent weekly. 

Now back to being "Wild" or "Mistress Anita!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,