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Reflections on a life saved and an important announcement on weekend and next week's hours!

Hello all! I realize I spend a lot of time lamenting SESTA’s passage and the decline of escorts (including my own) businesses so I am hoping I turned this attitude around starting today.  I will post reminders of my being slow at times but it isn’t going to be a whine. It will just be a periodic reminder of my existence.

I took today off and part of tomorrow Saturday to help my roommate out as he had surgery today and needed my support. The injury wasn’t life threatening but it could have been. He took a fall off of the back of his work truck on Monday from quite a height and if he hadn’t had the wherewithal to put his arm out to brace his fall, he would have hit his head on the concrete and well, I would be attending his funeral instead of accompanying him to his surgery today (his wrist broken in 3 places). All I can say is I have been feeling pretty grateful that he is still here and he is still my friend (yes, he knows that “Wild Anita” is me and has no problem with it). 

So in reflection, weighing a business downturn or a loss of a life and friendship, well, there is no contest that I rather have him still be here with me and I’ll do whatever I can to help him heal and get well including taking him to his surgery today and his follow-up doctor appointments. But as I have told you all in an earlier blog this week, it does complicate things now that I have to host in a hotel versus my home for the next ten weeks. I just have to hope that my gentlemen regulars will understand and still see me at the hotel location and that some of the weekly fence fallers still come to see me in spite of that. I do have a plan of a different hotel each week so I stay under the radar as much as I can.

Regarding my hosting this coming week, I have strange days and hours that lead up to another big milestone, my college age son’s graduation from college next weekend, Saturday, May 19th. He graduates Magna Cum Laude (he was a double major - his honors project was working closely with the veterans in the inner city of where he attends college to make their lives better with certain programs). He is moving onto a competitive Masters Program about a two hour drive from his current college (he moves to the new city on June 1st).

So the hours for the next week starting tomorrow Saturday, May 12th, 3:30pm through 10pm, Sunday, May 13th, 12pm through 8pm, Monday May 14th, 8am through 11pm, Tuesday, May 15th, 8am through 11pm, Wednesday May 16th, 12pm through 11pm and Thursday, May 17th, 8am through 12pm.

I’m leaving Thursday evening to head to my son’s college to help him pack and get ready for his graduation and just an all out celebration after the Saturday ceremony! I’ll be back to normal new hosting days and hours on Monday, May 21st, 8am through 11pm. 

Thank you again to those that have sent words of encouragement to me via email and text this week.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,