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Reflections from this wild tigress about the last week

Good evening, gentlemen! Really happy to be able to write to you now as I had a bad week in which I thought dying would feel better than living through this kidney infection. No worries, I am not suicidal or a FLIT, Anita is psychologically well and getting better physically as the antibiotics have kicked in. I did make it to the White Sox game Saturday night with my son and his girlfriend. Yes, I would have to be six feet under to miss going to “Guaranteed Rate Field” (stupid name) Saturday night. They almost came back and won it then against Kansas City Royals but they are the White Sox (in full rebuilding mode) and it is August. 

The love affair with the Chicago teams White Sox, the Bulls and the Bears started when I was a tyke growing up in a very competitive family. My dad was a big “kid”, very athletic and wanted his three daughters as well as his son involved with sports early on. He was gone a lot, but we always felt his presence and he was at most of our athletic activities growing up. If we weren’t competitively playing sports, we’d watch the Chicago teams on TV together. That, and the news, PGA tour, Olympics and anything political and Johnny Carson pretty much were all that my parents watched on television.

Dad taught me to never be beholden to anyone. That all four of his kids (three daughters and a son) would be highly educated at college and beyond. See my Dad knew what poor was, he worked from the time he was 12 years and gave whatever he made to his parents. Because of the GI Bill (he served in WWII as a radio engineer) he was the first in his family able to finish college. He had all of his kids working from an early age. I was working from 7th grade onward.

So being competitive as well as never being able to participate in sports, well he moved our family from Cleveland to a southwest suburb of Chicago right before I was born.  My mom and dad picked the perfect house, right on a park that had three baseball fields, a kiddie park, a basketball court, a clubhouse (for any indoor sports such as ping pong), a parking lot that became an ice rink in the winter, and tennis courts. We joined a Catholic Church with school and he and my mom enrolled all of their children through to eighth grade in a parochial school. We also joined a country club where we added in swimming and golf to our list of sports.

So, when all of us kids were on a summer break and after school and all weekend, my parents had rules that we had to be home by 5:30pm to eat dinner together and also be home by dusk to get ready for bed. Otherwise we were at the park with our neighborhood friends, playing whatever sports we could. I was a tom boy, so skinned knees and dirt on my face, commonly happened and I could care less. Climbing trees, softball, volleyball, and playing tennis were my sports. All of us would be eating around a table, no TV on and no, I never had a cell phone or a game system or a computer back then. There were no incidences of pedophiles trying to pick any kids up at the park.

Our family parties were always filled with lots of laughter and competitive games including kickball, touch football, softball, basketball, ping pong, volleyball and tennis. My parents were both strict and our grades were always scrutinized. My mom always told dad if I did anything bad during the week and I would get thrown over my Dad’s knee for a spanking and at times with a belt when he’d get home from his business trips. If I mouthed off, I would have my mouth washed out with soap. I did grow up respecting my parents, grandparents and all adults. I basically duplicated my parents when I raised my children and both sons have grown up being ambitious hard workers and respectful gentlemen.

Fast forward over thirty some years to present day. My parents are long gone, my mom passed away in 2008 and my father passed away too young at the age of 60 in 1987. I miss them every day. If I can wish them back, I would ask them what they thought of the politics today. My dad was a Republican and my mom was a Democrat. I do believe they would turn to me and say that today's Republican party doesn't match the party of yesterday that they knew. Republican Congressman and Senators are greedy men that only answer to their special interests and not their constituents. They would be as alarmed as I am at the hate in this world. I believe they’d ask why it seems the civil rights movement has been taken back to where it was in the 1950’s as if there are no progress.

I read this quote from President Ronald Reagan from a letter he wrote back in April 1984 which showed more of the Republican views of that time period and a classy diplomatic President at that:

"In 1980, I said that I have no tolerance for what the Klan represents, and would have nothing to do with any groups of that type. If anything, my feelings on this subject have only grown stronger. The politics of racial hatred and religious bigotry practiced by the Klan and others have no place in this country, and are destructive of the values for which America has always stood."

After all, World War II has been fought and won against the Nazi’s and we are seeing violent protests that include the KKK, white supremacists and neo Nazis in present day and a President that doesn’t take a stand against hate because he is so busy on the golf course and likely has many of those ugly on the inside individuals in his list of clients. He uses social media for manipulation. He is a classic narcissist. He spends all of his time deflecting what is wrong with his Administration. He won’t accept criticism or blame. It must be wonderful to be right all the time. Trump is alienating many other world leaders that were our allies and somehow he thinks that is fine. He has no intention of disclosing his tax returns. He committed treason and he gets away with it. 

I wish I could give my future grandchildren and anyone’s children the carefree worry-free childhood that I had. I wish I could take away all the hate and ugliness of the world and the unnecessary war we are about to enter into. My parents told me back when I was in high school that I could do anything I wanted to in life and to aspire to reach for the stars. There was hope and a future back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. All of our hopes are dashed with every Trump tweet. It would be nice if there was a power outage about now. It is so bad it is almost overwhelming. I rarely watch the news as it is always depressing. I would love to see him impeached but the Republican senators and congressman seem to have become a bunch of yes men to Dictator Trump. Paul Ryan is now a floppy puppet that fits nicely on the dart board in my garage.

Hugs and kisses,