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Presidents Day weekend, fun filled, pup filled

So the weekend was therapeutic. Anytime I'm with animals I am reminded how much more full of love they are than people. If only everyone had that much love inside them, the personality, the devotion of a dog. My pup, Belle is a 2 year old Labradoodle (mid-size, only 30 lbs) and my son brought his 3 year old 63 lb Pit/Lab mix named Lilly. Lilly was a rescue, my son and his wife rescued her from a Kentucky kill shelter about four days before she was to be euthanized. Lilly was an abused dog thrown out of a vehicle and left on the side of a busy street. There are no words to describe the hate at the pit of my stomach for Lilly's former owners or no hole deep enough where they should be buried in.

There were months of her cowering and whining, lots of separation anxiety when my son and his wife would have to leave her for a period of time but after some training, some time socializing with other pups in daycare, and lots of love and attention, Lilly has become a lot more relaxed and happy. She enjoyed the weekend with her "Grandma Anita" and her new friend Belle. Lots of playtime and fun walks. Yes, it was my first time taking long walks since my November ankle surgery. It was difficult, I can't lie, after all Lilly is 63 lbs and it was a little comical how she dragged me around with her at first but I regained some control over her. I have had a fair bit of experience training dogs over a period of years. It's one of the reasons my Belle is so well trained. 

Lilly left with my son on Sunday morning and with her, a bit of my heart went as well. She totally warmed my heart. I can't wait to visit with her this summer when I sneak off for a weekend visit to Clarksville, Tennessee.