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Physical fitness and healthy eating and how that connects to not being sick!

Hi there all. I figure this is the time to write about flu and coronavirus since it is out there being discussed 24/7 by both the press and the Executive Branch. Here is the deal: I started the Keto diet and alternate day fasting back on September 24, 2019. I haven't been sick at all since June 2019. When I started the Keto diet and fasting, I had no idea the effects it would have on my immune system. I did it to lose weight. I weighed myself this morning and I am now down 53 pounds from the start of this diet.  I weigh 167 pounds, instead of 220 pounds. My goal weight is 155 pounds. I am doing yoga, pilates and F45 Hi intensity Interval training in addition to the diet and fasting program. 

Here is the shocking thing: I did fly round trip to Washington, D.C. in October 2019. As most of you know, plane flights always get their passengers sick the following week after the return. I did not get sick at all. No colds, no flu, no stomach flu, yes, nothing (yes, that includes the coronavirus) since June 2019. I have been exposed to probably everything as Wild Anita since I do deep french kiss many of my clients. The good thing is that many of my clients do stay home if they wake up sick on a day they would see me. But family members that I have been around, well, they are sick at my place and well, no nothing!

I went to Tennessee for Christmas week and the whole household (with the exception of my granddaughter and I) had the stomach flu bug. I was exposed to the stomach flu and I did NOT get it. That has to be a miracle in and of itself.  My granddaughter is still in diapers so it wasn't as much of a shock. But I used the same bathrooms as all of the stomach flu sufferers and I did not get sick. When I returned to the Chicagoland area after the Christmas holidays, I did not get sick.  

Why am I weighing on this heavily? Because I believe what I am eating as a Keto dieter is keeping me healthy. I also take a ton of supplements (whole food daily vitamins plus minerals plus about 15 other supplements). It takes me 15 minutes after I wake up in the morning to take all my supplements. Because I fast alternate days, I do not want to be energy depleted because I make my living being very energetic in bedroom sports. Many of my regulars will tell you that I have well improved my bedroom fun games because of being in such great shape and I do not have any inflammation in my back, knees, legs, ankles and feet as I used to. I can do any horizontal mambo positions and last a long time in them. I tire out many of my middle agers! 

Do I think a lot of this hype of the coronavirus is over the top? Yes, I do. I think the people that are susceptible to that kind of virus are people with compromised immune systems (those suffering from terminal illnesses and heart issues). Seniors age 70 and up and children underneath the age of 12 are more likely to struggle with illnesses if they contract them than someone as healthy as myself and middle agers. 

The biggest thing I would ask you all to do? Please analyze what you are eating and drinking. Keep a food and drink diary for an entire week and be honest about it. Keep track of your carbohydrate intake, any sugars and any drinks. Do load up on drinking a lot of water. Once you analyze it, read about the Keto diet and start inserting many of those foods into your daily diet. Cut out all sugars and cut down on carbs. You can be low carb and not Keto as there are many low carb plans to choose from. Then add in some whole food daily vitamins, minerals and supplements for B vitamins, tumeric (mixed with pepper), vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. That is only a handful of what I take but you get the idea.  

I do work out a lot at yoga and pilates studios as well as at F45 HIIT and those places pick up germs and bacteria and no, I have not been sick. 

The sayings "you are what you eat", and "garbage in, garbage out" are very applicable. Let us aim for being healthy in 2020 so that all of those hysteria seekers and horn blowers can just shut up. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,