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Part I - Reflections on the lies told regarding the world’s oldest profession.

Good evening. Being off from blog duty for the last few weeks has allowed me to sit back and reflect a bit about being Wild Anita and Mistress Anita. I have to admit the business has not been nearly as busy and I am not sure why. I guess everyone goes through slow periods so why should I be any different. I am just a bit more impatient and I hate “lull’s” of any kind. So a bored Wild Anita isn’t necessarily a good thing.

I started to reflect about the last year on the political climate as the biggest change has been Backpage being shut down and of course SESTA/FOSTA being passed and signed into law in May 2018. Right now SESTA is expected to become officially the law in January 2019. Hence so many of us are re-doing and re-vamping our websites in several different ways. We are transitioning to being “Models,” “Dates” and removing the word “Escort.” I still do not see a reason that “Companion” needs to go anywhere as there is nothing illegal about having dinner and going out dancing and romancing with someone who is lonely and may be only in town on business for a short time. In my new website, their will be a Members Only area with a private blog, photos and videos. My “regulars” and those verified clientele (translation: not law enforcement) will be the only ones able to access the Members Only area. For those gentlemen that can prove they are not law enforcement, it should be pretty easy to approve them for Members Only area. 

I have so many wonderful memories of dates I have had with mature gentlemen travelers that come to town on business.  My favorite part besides the obvious is just the conversation as they seem so animated being able to talk and be listened to. Also, being able to cuddle and make-out is just wonderful! It’s a meeting that remains engrained in my memory for a long time after. I know they are just a quick passing but I enjoy those times and hope that their time with me brings them a secret smile back in their home town. Translation, I want to be remembered and make a difference in their lives. So should they ever come through the area again, they will give me call. That is what is called “making a connection.”

So the business downturn of the oldest profession, well it could be due to the political climate providing a rather “bad spin” or “lie” regarding the oldest profession. I know in my heart that there will always be the companion/date/model profession as it has been with us since the beginning of time. Face it, men are never going to forget about “passionate bedroom fun” or fantasizing about what may be missing at home. So many of our past Presidents have had dalliances with women, both “affairs” and with “professional providers”  (You go, Stormy!). What I am saying is that “sex” will never be on the bottom heap of a man’s mind. It is one of the first three things men think about every day when they wake up no matter what their age. I have a special, wonderful mature set of regular clientele in their 50’s through 80's that just bring me to smile when I think of their enthusiasm and my enjoyment in meeting with them.  My millennial gentlemen always ask me why I see so few young men and I just have to say that my preference will always be for the mature set. I screen carefully every new client I see and many of the millenials never get passed the screening process because they spend too much time “chatting” with me, “asking lots of questions” and sharing nude pictures of themselves. It is overwhelming how many I have to block on my telephone weekly. 

The many lies and misunderstandings of the oldest profession may be part of the reason for the slowdown.  The biggest lie:  That all sex workers are being “human trafficked” into the business and somehow forced into the profession by another, either a pimp or an agency or maybe a girl may be forcing her friend into the business (those “duo” visits). The truth, many sex workers are “Independent’s” and do not work for anyone other than themselves. They are in the business by choice due to either being single mother’s trying to make a living for their families or a displaced worker (such as myself) who started at this later in life (late 40”s) and found it to be a lot of fun and enjoyment. Many of us are here by choice and enjoy our regular clients and those “fence fallers” that spend time with us. 

Another lie, that many escorts are “underage” or otherwise, under the age of adulthood or age 18 when they are forced into prostitution. In truth, many of us are well above the age of legal consent (age 18 and up) with a high percentage in their age 40’s and up (some in their 60’s and 70’s even). The average age of entering into the escort companion business is age 25. According to a study online only 3.5% or escorts in western countries are under the age of 18. 

Another lie, that the “human trafficking” is happening on the regular internet through advertisement websites such as “Backpage”. It isn’t happening on the regular internet as “trafficking” happens on the “Dark Web.” When it came down to Backpage being shut down, the gentlemen advertisers that owned/managed Backpage are not even being charged with “human trafficking” amongst the many charges that they are waiting to come up for review (their court case doesn’t come up for hearing until 2020). So all that posturing to take Backpage down by Cook County didn’t achieve the goal that they wanted.  SESTA/FOSTA passage will not have any effect on stopping “human trafficking” as it effects the liability of internet advertisers on any websites (not on the dark web) in whatever they advertise for their customers, they are then liable for whatever advertisement is posted.

SESTA does not limit the focus to adult entertainment so even a licensed massage therapist that advertises on the internet may lose the ability to advertise due to many advertising websites closing their doors. It has forced many escort companions to go back on the streets to find business (remember how it was in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, pre-internet, escorts standing outside by the streets waiting to be picked up by “Johns”). Safety of these companions are at risk as they can no longer “verify” who they leave in a car with.  A recent case in Texas was about a Border Patrol Agent who was arrested for killing four prostitutes that he had picked up on the streets. Would these women still be alive if they were advertising on Backpage and not forced out on the streets?

There are many other lies including another biggie: the professional escort companions are home wreckers! Is there drama of some escort providers trying to rob, extort money and or blackmail their clients in exchange for money? I am not going to lie that this bad behavior does exist out there but it is mainly drama from escort companions that are involved in drug dependencies and have “hit bottom”.  I spend most of my days apologizing for others that have ruined it for us honest companions. It is why I have a hard time converting a fence sitter to a “fence faller.” Every day I am thankful for those new clients that take a chance on me.  Many of my mature “sisters” in the business as well as myself think it is a privilege to spend time with respectful gentlemen. The truth is we prolong marriages. Many men want to remain married and family men and simply want to relieve stress from their week.

Everywhere in the world other than in the United States the oldest profession has been “legalized”. Men simply want some of the passion and oral fun they may be missing at home. Some women have health issues and cannot provide that kind of relief anymore. Still other women have lost interest, maybe due to tiring days of both working and taking care of the children or maybe menopause has “dried” them up down there, making sex uncomfortable.  There are many reasons and when gentlemen leave me they go happily home (or back to work) and they don’t contact me again until they are ready to stop by on a future date. Escort companions prolong more marriages than they ever would end. I still consider myself that no drama girlfriend.

Another lie, that escorts stay working in sex work because there are no other work choices for them. Another study had 93% of sex workers saying that they loved their jobs and they stay in the work voluntarily. In a 2011 study showed that most American escorts are women with “high opportunity cost”, in other words those who have many other meaningful options. That applies to me as I have both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and even though I was a displaced worker, I frankly have no interest in going back to my previous work field. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article “Lies that are told regarding the world’s oldest professions.” It will be posted by Tuesday evening.

Speaking of my work week, I have a lot of openings this week, so please look me up.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,