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Part 2 - Reflections on the lies told regarding the world’s oldest profession. 

Good evening all. Getting back to our topic regarding lies told regarding the world’s oldest profession, one particular one is a lie that sex workers spread sexually transmitted diseases. According to recent studies, of all the STD’s spread, it is only spread 3% to 5% with sex workers. In reality, sex workers are much more careful in the prevention of STD’s. The biggest passage of sexually transmitted diseases come from unprotected intercourse. I do not know any sex workers that do not insist on condom use for intercourse.

For my sessions I have every size and color of condoms to choose from.  It is not popular and since I entertain so many seniors, they roll their eyes when I pull them out. But it is a necessity of the business. Also, I test every month to check myself mainly due to any possible exposure orally. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the only sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed orally. I head over to LabCorp in Hoffman Estates the first week of every month.

Another lie, prostitution is associated with crime.  No, criminalization is associated with crime. When “authorities” criminalize a concensual activity, they shouldn’t be too surprised when criminals are then attracted to it. Another lie, sex work causes rape. In actuality, the evidence suggests that sex work of all kinds actually decreases the rates of rape, sexual assault, divorce and several other sex-related social ills.

A common lie or misconception is that pimps are the ones that recruit the sex workers. In actuality, most adult sex workers start due to pragmatic concerns, and most underage ones either think of it on their own or are recruited by friends. Many teenagers say that they wondered why their friends had all of this great stuff (beautiful purses, jewelry and clothing) and wanted to have those things for themselves. Another lie, most of the violence to which sex workers are subjected is at the hands of clients or pimps. In truth, most of the violence towards sex workers is by the police. 

A common lie, prostitution ruins the self esteem of the sex workers.  97% of sex workers in one study stated an increase in self-esteem, compared with 50% of Nevada brothel workers; another study found that 75% of escorts felt their lives had improved since starting the work, 25% reported no change and 0% said their lives were worse.  Anyone who has ever personally known any sex workers of any kind knows that if anything, their self-esteem is often too high

In my life, my self esteem issues did not start when I started sex work four years ago. I have always had a low self esteem but to be honest in the last eighteen months since I started writing the blog, I wake up with a sense of purpose and I continue to love my time with my regulars and newly verified fence fallers and enjoy writing after my day is done. The hardest part for me in the last few weeks was backing off of it. I am truly excited about the new website and look forward to when it is complete and letting all of my fans and regulars know of the new website url.  I want you all to know that every day I think of my readers and look forward to sharing more with them. 

Another lie that I think I should write about is the lie that paying more for it means you get the “best”. I’m sorry but that is absolutely untrue. Yes, I have saggy boobs, a chubby belly and a big ass but I am a sexy wild mature woman who loves passion in the bedroom. Because I do not charge $400 or more for a session does not mean that my services are less than those that do. I have had many hobbyists that have visited me that have said in my reviews that my oral skills rival many of those hot gorgeous spinners. Another lie, that someone in my category of provider (volume vs low volume) would have more chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Sorry, but no. It only takes one gentlemen client to expose a sex worker in either category. All of us use condoms for intercourse and many of us do oral uncovered. The secret is cleansing our mouths (hydrogen peroxide, teeth brushing and Listerine) and bodies as much as possible and regular STD testing as I discussed above. Being a professional means we take our responsibilities seriously as a sex worker. I am a class act and won’t be treated as if I am not.

Another lie, that criminalizing sex work and the passing of SESTA will eradicate Sex Trafficking.  In any legalization regime, those sex workers who are defined as being outside the legal structure, or “criminal” are always those at greatest risk of violence and exploitation; to the extent that “trafficking” actually exists, it is generally the illegal nature of sex work which supplies the greatest tool of coercion.  In the decriminalized structures in Europe, coercion is virtually non-existent. In the United States, we have sex workers back out on the streets that are dying because some old jackasses decided they needed to pass a sex trafficking bill that has no effect on sex trafficking. Again, sex trafficking takes place on the dark web. These advertising businesses are only guilty of posting advertisng for those in any form of business. It doesn’t even have to be adult entertainment ads. It is any advertisement, and then they are held liable for it. 

If sex work was legalized, all sex workers would be able to protect themselves better from any crimes perpetrated against them. Sex workers could also organize and have better access to healthcare. In fact, jurisdictions that decriminalize sex work can retain and even strengthen criminal prohibitions on trafficking, sexual coercion, and the prostitution of minors. Decriminalizing sex work does not cause an increase in trafficking. It will allow those sex workers to live without fear of being victimized, to be able to live every day proud of their life and being able to talk to others without judgement being shown. Living ‘underground’ and hiding who we are makes our lives much more difficult. Since SESTA has been passed, pimps  are again on the rise due to the number of sex workers out on the streets that can’t afford to advertise.

The greatest lie, that any of this nonsense, any laws being passed will lessen the number of sex workers or lessen the number of “Johns”. I know I have said in the last week that I think some of the hobbyists have decreased their hobbying a bit since the passage of SESTA but I hope that they come back. Granted, it is tougher without review websites to know what safe ("no drama") providers are out there. But the biggest thing, do your research, read providers websites and any reviews that can be found on Erotic Monkey and other review websites and talk to the provider on the telephone if they let you. There is something to be said with being able to ‘hear a voice’ and speak with another person. In this day and age, everything is all about texting and electronic communications. That is nuts as you can’t really feel comfortable with anyone you haven’t talked to. I do answer my telephone when I am not with a client. I have had gentlemen get upset in my voicemail because I did not pick up when they called. I’ll say it again, if I am with a client, I do not answer but I will always return a telephone call or send a text message when I am free to talk (should the potential "fence faller" tell me texting or calling them back is okay). 

Gentlemen, I am here and business has been slow the last couple of days. I do want to continue in my chosen field of work as well as continue meeting some great new fence falling clients and spending time with my beloved regulars.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,