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October Calendar, Notable Highlights on schedule

Hi there, gentlemen! Quiet day here, not sure what is going on but it is eerie today Thursday. I am off this weekend starting tomorrow Friday as my oldest son (Army man) is coming home to spend the weekend with his Mom. He's bringing my grandpup Lilly with him and his wife had to stay back to work. So I noted that in the weekend schedule as not hosting Saturday either. 

Next week I am hosting Tuesday and Wednesday in a clean nice hotel on the other side of Schaumburg closer to the mall and off 53/Algonguin/90 area. Many gentlemen miss me from that area as I was much closer to everything (nearer to O'Hare) and the mall so I have vowed to do my best to show up there every once in awhile.  

Also, a reminder that I will be doubling with SexyAss Jackie on Friday, October 13th, 10am thru 11pm in Naperville. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,