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Wild Anita's 09/19/2018 STD Results - ALL NEGATIVE!

Good evening, all. Just a new monthly posting, this Wild Tigress has never had an STD ever and 09/19/2018 test results posted! I was able to get a picture of it all on one page. 

I think men all worry that because I take cum in mouth that there will be a good possibility of a positive result. I am here to tell you, again, NO, all negative. Yes, I use condoms for intercourse and I limit who I see by taking mature businessmen and senior retiree's (ages 40s thru 80's). I also religiously gargle hydrogen peroxide and Listerine in addition to brushing my teeth between each client. 

Thank you for those regular clients that believe in me and give me your business!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,