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More updates on the homefront from this relieved Wild Tigress!

Good evening all! It's been a difficult week and I again thank all of you for your support and well wishes after the nasty ugliness and drama that was my former best friend and duo partner revealing or "outing" me via Facebook Messenger (sent links to my website) to my real life to my adult sons, ages 26 and 22. Her whole goal was to ruin me and likely get me to quit the business. But likely karma is going to be a bitch for her as I have remarkable sons who were raised correctly and with lots of love and support. I didn't get into this business until 2014 as my sons were adults and already out of the house, they didn't see anything that gave them nightmares. 

My oldest son was very supportive after a talk and said at the end of our conversation: "I love you mom! I would never disown you. You've done way too much for me and have always been there for me when I needed you. Nothing would ever change that!" My second born son wasn't won over that easily. It was a 90 minute conversation with a lot of questions and some tears. At length, he understands and loves and supports me too. My second born said "I love you mom and I do understand now that it has been fully explained to me. I will erase all traces of your website from my computer though as I don't want to read about your life and times. When I come home for visits though, please hide all naughty pictures or books and don't leave any sex toys/dildos within plain sight in the couch or chair seat cushions!"

Both sons heavily encouraged me to start writing my book. Yes, my oldest son said he would erase all history of my website off his computer as well. I don't think either really appreciated the nudity/butt and breast pictures they viewed. I don't think any of you would appreciate seeing naked pictures of your mothers either!

So did my former friend do me any favors? Not really. I don't think anyone wants to be "outed" or have their discretions revealed to their family members. It's the biggest sin an escort provider can do. My sons both would have preferred a sit down with me verses a website link sent through their Facebook Messenger. I think the hardest part was explaining why I didn't come to them with this information much sooner. I am thankful though that there is forgiveness and love in families.  

Hugs and kisses,