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More on SESTA and reminder Saturday, March 24th hours 9am thru 5pm!

Hello all, the last Saturday hours are tomorrow March 24th 9am thru 5pm (last appointment is 4pm). I have to end early due to a family birthday in the evening and I’ll be off next weekend due to the Easter holiday. I have a lot of unverified gentlemen contacting me for appointments and I have revised the screening form a little to reduce the size but I still need some information. I can't re-iterate enough how screening protects both of us. 

As I said after the Senate passed SESTA, now is the time to be screening and getting your appointments with your hot honey companions (notice I am changing the wording to “companions” versus “escorts”), finding your ATF and hiding a secret file somewhere with names, phone numbers and websites. You won’t freak out then should “TER” as well as Backpage shut down. CityVibe, Craigslists personals as well as TER’s U.S. provider Ads have disappeared likely for good.

To be honest, I think they jumped the gun a bit as it will be anywhere from 90 days once Trump signs SESTA through January 2019 for the bill to become effective. My hunch is that there will be a lengthy fight in the court system based on First Amendment rights infringement. May the entire House and Senate crash and burn for passing such an abhorrent bill. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,