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Monday, July 1st all day in Oak Brook, Tuesday July 2nd morning Oak Brook, July 2nd afternoon/evening and July 3rd Schaumburg

Hi all. Monday, July 1st all day/evening I'll be in Oak Brook. Tuesday, July 2nd morning, I'll be in Oak Brook. Tuesday, July 2nd afternoon/evening and Wednesday, July 3rd morning I'll be in Schaumburg. New friends will need to verify/screen to meet with me. My regulars, please keep coming back and seeing me wherever I am hosting! 

For July 4th through July 7th, I'll be on vacation. I will be returning to Schaumburg on Monday, July 8th.

For those out of town on vacation the holiday week, enjoy your time away! We all need that time away to regenerate and come back fresh and new to tackle our busy lives!

Please note that if I don't post about where I am at, I am likely in Schaumburg.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,