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Monday, January 15th, Wild Anita is hosting at a Woodfield (Schaumburg) area Hotel! Hours 8:30am through 11pm

Good news for those that complain of my bankers hosting hours, I am hosting on Monday, January 15th (Martin Luther King Day) at a Schaumburg Woodfield area hotel 8:30am through 11pm. I haven't been doing hotels as often but I have a maintenance person coming to do some things at my townhouse this Monday so I needed to move my venue for the day. 

So let's cuddle up together, provide some great body heat and lots of passionate, orgasmic fun!

For those of you potential new clients that would like an evening (after 5pm) appointment on Monday, January 15th, I suggest you screen/verify with me, either with my screening form, contact form, via email (protonmail account) or text message with the appropriate introductory information and proof that makes us both feel safe. That's really what it is all about, safety for both sides. For my regulars and newly verified clients, you know how to reach me via text, phone or email, to set appointments.  

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,