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Mid-Week Check In from your Wild Tigress - hanging onto some branches like Jane!

Hi Gentlemen, just sending a quick mid-week check in from this wild tigress! I just spent Tuesday and Wednesday at a quick vacation out of area at Starved Rock and Mathiesson State Parks. Lots of exciting exercise, I think it may have been 15 miles over the two days but not certain and the ANKLE that had the surgery withstood it all! I guess if anything was a test, that was as well as my workout days in the last couple weeks at LA Fitness.  I do enjoy that new workout club I joined. Just imagine your Wild Anita getting nice and sweaty!! Oh, well, many have seen me sweaty enough in the bedroom as well.  

The rest of this week, I still have visitors but just doing whatever anyone does who entertains, cleaning and doing laundry and changing sheets on beds, etc.

I did get a massage when my son and I were at Starved Rock Lodge. The hot stone massage was to die for. When I am officially "back in business" next week, you will have a nice relaxed tigress that is ready to purrr when you come over to visit me.  

Next week (on April 20th 7pm-11pm) I noticed there is a Meet and Greet in downtown Chicago for providers and hobbyists (if you go on TER discussion boards under "Meet and Greet" there is more information). No, I don't think I will be able to make it. I don't like city driving at all and most of you know that I am incall only so it limits me driving much out of my area in Schaumburg. i did notice that the providers going are all spinners so I wouldn't fit with them anyways. This Wild Anita feels out of place as I'd likely be left in a corner while the gentlemen hobbyists all hover over the spinners like they are the last women on earth. I know, I do have a lot to offer in the bedroom for those gentlemen willing to venture out of their safe haven to meet me! Usually the men get a little out of breath with me! 

So that's it for this wild tigress. I am super ready for sensual delights next week. I need my parts serviced, DING DING! Note, no sex since Saturday April 15th! Looking forward to getting back in that "saddle". 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses, 

Wild Anita